I miss paper.

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It seems that another book store in my home town has shut down. Of course I am just assuming – they could have moved elsewhere, right? But the roller shutter is down and they were selling their shelves the other week. They wouldn’t be the first book store in the area to disappear. I suppose books are now something you buy online to be delivered, or to download electronically.

Lately, I’ve been having a real yearning for paper. It’s so weird. It just came on all of a sudden when I had a fantasy of one day reading the Little Mister (and any subsequent sibling should we be lucky enough) novels a chapter at a time, snuggled up at bed time. The way we used to read when I was young. Sure, we read him paper books now – great stories with illustrations. But there’s something about a novel. You know what I mean? The way you turn each page and hold it just so in your hands. The way it smells if it’s from the library or well read. I’ve been reading novels since I was six. SIX. That’s a long time to be enjoying books. They’re a part of my life.

Lately I have been disloyal to paperbacks. I have opted for electronic formats. Because I buy books on a whim online, rather than being able to browse through a book store (um – hello there aren’t many left). When I finally have time to read, I need to read RIGHT THEN AND THERE. It’s just easy to download something. And if Mr Unprepared is asleep, my phone or my tablet provide their own light so I don’t wake him or have to balance a torch under the covers like I did when I was a kid and I was supposed to be asleep and my mum would come in my room and blast me!

It’s probably my fault physical book stores aren’t thriving. Oops.

The other night I was in a self imposed mummy time out *ahem*. I was in my room with no electronic devices and there was no way in hell I was going back out into the fray to collect my smartphone. Sitting on the head of the bed was a book I had never got around to reading. A fat paperback. I stayed and read a chapter. It felt so good. More relaxing than reading from a bright screen.

I keep forgetting to write things down in my paper diary. I wish I had a place to store all of my friends’ addresses, birthdays and other such special details. I’d love to get an awesome journal to record my ‘Kez Gets Physical’ health journey. I would love to be that person who has a stack of gorgeous personal journals collected over a lifetime.

Sure, it’s not fantastic for decluttering purposes and I do think of the trees. But I miss paper.

I hope paper books never die. I hope the children of the future won’t all be read to every night by parents holding tablets. I mean, I’m not judging if anyone is already doing that (each to our own). I am just old fashioned and I never want to stop holding that story book and turning the pages.

Does anyone else miss paper? Is it wrong of me to want to keep reading (or writing on) trees that used to be?

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  1. I’m with you on this one. I just don’t think you can beat picking up a real book and flicking the paper. I did consider getting a kindle just so I could buy more books as they’re cheaper, but I decided against it. I like the real deal. Same with magazines. While I can buy the online version, I do love to flick through an old fashioned magazine.

  2. I definitely miss paper. I am not really into electronic books, so all of mine are either owned or I get them from our local libraries.

    I will never ever get sick of reading actual paper books.

    I also have most of my old books from my childhood. 🙂

    One thing I really want is some bookmarks…currently I am using business cards or ripped pieces of paper. Then I think I read a blog or saw a pin on Pinterest about using paint swatch cards…..brilliant idea, so I am going to stock up on those 🙂

  3. Although I love tree books, my Kindle is one of the best things I have ever bought. I don’t ebooks will completely replace tree books, especially not for kids’ books, but they both have their place. I haven’t used a paper diary in more than 10 years. Fancy stationery looks pretty but, again, I don’t use it any more, even though it has a lovely nostalgic feel.

  4. I love paper. I still have a paper diary and a paper calendar and I can’t even contemplate reading a book on a device. Half the magic of reading for me is the turning of the pages, and feeling the weight of the book in my hands. I know I’m old fashioned but I hope my love affair with paper never ends!


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