Hump Day Hell Yeahs: Some inspiration on a “blah” day.

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I have ‘blah’ days every now and then. This happened after I got home from my grandfather’s funeral and it’s happening now after my grandmother’s. It’s like all of the action and drama of it (particularly when you have to embark on a cross country journey each time) falls away and you’re left sitting at home with your own thoughts. It creeps up on me bit by bit. I see one too many people being perfect on Facebook (I have banned myself for a few hours – longer if I need it). I start to think about the things I haven’t been able to achieve (particularly as a parent and as a friend) because of the obstacles in my life (not so positive thinking). I over think all of it.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

I know that in a short while, my life will start to feel a little bit more ‘normal’ and my daily plans will get a little more exciting. I am just having one of those ‘blah’ days right now.




How easy is it to forget to do this?! I know that if a friend came to me right this minute and told me about their blah day, I would tell them to not be so hard on themselves. I would tell them to remember what a stressful time they’ve been going through and that they’re strong and that this ‘blah’ feeling is temporary. I would tell them about how they inspire me. That they’re only human and that’s OK! I would tell them to ignore the haters (real or perceived) and to hold their head up high because they’re awesome. But when it’s me? Gosh, I say some things to myself that aren’t very nice. What a bitch! It’s time to be nice to myself and to remember to love myself too.



I always feel bad when I’m not everything to everyone. Various life hiccups and unexpected events (name of this blog anyone?) can throw me off course and it can be difficult to keep up. I find myself saying ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ to things instead of ‘hell yes!’ and it makes me feel flakey and lame. This gets me down. However, I’m going to remember that this week is the ‘coming down’ period after a very stressful time and it’s a transition. I need to remember self care and love. Anyone who deserves to be in my life will understand.




YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. Read this five million times until you feel inspired. You can do it. I can do it. Let’s dig deep, my fellow ‘blah’ day people!



I honestly can’t remember whether I’ve posted this one before or not, but it is something that I always need to remember. Sometimes I invent the sheep in my mind and sometimes they’re real, just lurking in my periphery. I find that these ‘sheep’ often haunt me during my ‘blah’ days when I’m tired, emotionally drained and vulnerable to letting the not so positive thoughts/actions of others in.

So if you’re reading this and you’re having a blah day too, I hope that I have helped to make it just a little better. A little less ‘blah’. I feel better already 🙂

Big hugs and positive thoughts to all of my lovely readers – all of you are tigers xx

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