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This post has been inspired by Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day challenge (only a few days to go)!


I’ll keep this one short (long weekend and all)…

This is a photo of the Little Mister in a playground cubby house at the winery we visited today (for a very special high school friend of mine’s 30th birthday). He became fast friends with my friend Liz (the nicest person on the planet and great with kids haha) and they played a little game together. She would knock on the window, they’d open the shutters (he couldn’t quite do it on his own), he’d greet her with a lovely “hello” and she would ask him for something – everything from a drink of water, to a meal, to a pet bunny rabbit. He would disappear back into the cubby house and come back with an imaginary item that she had requested. He’d hand it to her, then she would give him some imaginary money.

It was a lovely exchange to watch and it was so kind of her to spend time with him, when he was so over tired and restless (someone skipped a nap so he could party). Nothing more heartwarming than watching someone taking the time to be kind to your kid.

Hope you have all had a great weekend x

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