A Christmas message from (someone who is not) the Queen.

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OK, so I’m not the queen. Unless you’re talking about the queen of procrastination. Because I’m supposed to wrap the Little Mister’s presents from Santa and it’s halfway through Christmas Eve and I haven’t done it and I’m kind of mad because I thought he had elves to do that kind of annoying stuff? What kind of show are you running here, Santa? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

I am also in no way regal or ‘proper’. I don’t think ‘the people’ would really appreciate my swearing, burping or crapness at sending a thank you note (although I do always show my appreciation somehow I just find it difficult to put that into writing that goes in the snail mail). Truly.

So here are the things I’d like to say to you all, my motley crew of amazing readers…just read the bits that apply (I have sorted my message into categories for your convenience because I’m awesome like that – you’re welcome):

If you do not celebrate Christmas…

I don’t care. I love you, man/woman. I hope you enjoy the holiday and whichever customs/traditions you most value. Have a great day off and spend it with loved ones! Woohoo! 🙂

PS Sorry about all the Christmas stuff – probably bored the pants off you. Thanks for hanging in there. Back to regular programming soon!

If you have children in your life…

Hug them really tight at this special time of year. As 2014’s news headlines have shown us, we are so lucky to have them and they are so lucky to have us. I hope you find joy in all the little traditions and create some very special memories. I know I am out-of-my-head excited to see the Little Mister enjoying all the Christmas wonder this year. He is starting to understand what Santa does and has helped with everything from baking to decorating the Christmas tree, to making gifts for loved ones.

May Santa deliver the presents safely (with no interruptions from excited sleepless children) and may you get some rest before The Big Day. May your children remain lovely, despite the sugar and the probable inability to nap properly.

I hope your day is magical. It really is so awesome to celebrate with children around.

If you are having a tough time…

Maybe you are grieving the loss of loved ones. Maybe you have just had the mother load of bad luck land on your doorstep and it feels like you can never catch a break. Maybe your family drives you f*cking insane at this time of year. Perhaps you struggle with mental illness or you feel lonely for whatever the reason. Just know that I am thinking of you. Do Christmas your way this year. Find small joys. Let love in. You deserve happiness, even if you’re not feeling it – just know you’re worthy of it. Let difficult people know you’re not interested in unnecessary drama or hurtful things. This should be a time of peace, but I get that it rarely is for many people. I still hope for you that you will have a peaceful Christmas somehow. I hope 2015 brings you better things.

If you saw my Little Mister have a mini meltdown at Woolies the other day…

You. Are. Wonderful. Human. Beings. Your kindness and your empathy were just so refreshing. What fantastic people. A little love shared by the baking aisle and then the fridges where they keep the quiches. Oh, you – I have all the time in the world for you. Let’s all be those lovely people at Christmas time. We’re all tired, we all have stress of varying degrees. A lot of us have tired children too. Let’s show a little kindness. We’re all in the same boat. Let’s survive it together! 🙂

A message for all of you…

Often Christmas time is a time of reflection for me. In amongst the chaos, I think about what family means to me. About the memories of my own childhood I’d like to recreate for my Little Mister. I think about how to do it better next year – how to give more freely and creatively, avoid negative stresses and to keep improving on the positives. It’s no wonder so many of us think about our new year’s resolutions at this time!

I hope that wherever you are, however you celebrate Christmas, that you have a wonderful day and a great holiday period. I hope you and your families stay safe and have plenty to eat. I hope there is laughter. Joy. Closeness. A nanna nap (lucky for those who can get it). Loose pants. Comfort. That you are lucky enough to feel the generosity of those around you. That you feel great because you gave too. May your Christmas most importantly, bring you the things that money can’t buy.



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  1. Being the queen of procrastination has it’s perks though, no? I’m generally too lazy to stress about being lazy >.< Hope you have a lovely Christmas 🙂


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