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Today is my 31st birthday. I am officially 31. It sounds like a strange age. It’s not the round number that 30 was. It’s like both feet are now firmly planted in my 30s and time is not slowing down! I’m OK with that, but I do admit that 31 is going to have to really pull out all of the stops to beat 30. 30 has been an amazing year. I really feel like I grew in the last 12 months. I loved. I learned things. I felt joy – simple pleasures. There was a rhythm. A routine. Something I often feel is lacking from my life. I felt more accepting of myself.

No year is perfect – there were ups and downs. Life would be pretty boring and we’d learn nothing without the occasional roller coaster of emotions, but I look back and I feel glad. 30 was pretty good to me.

I’ve watched the Little Mister grow. I’ve watched myself grow as a parent. As a person. As a blogger. I’ve achieved a lot of little milestones.

I saw out my last days of 30 with a little getaway to Sydney (perhaps more on that later). To see some family friends, meet some family for the first time and to spend quality time shopping with my mum (winter wardrobe – I love you)! Sure, I got a rotten chest infection before I left, so I spent the whole time away trying to recover, valiantly┬átrying to stay awake (it was quite draining), but I made the best of it. Of course that’s how life works! The one time – the ONE time – I want to go and leave my cub and do something just for me that is special and out of the ordinary, I get struck down! OF COURSE! Oh, Universe. You slay me. It’s the sickest I’d been in YEARS too. Can you believe it?! I’m still feeling the aftermath! Goodness me!

Still, it was a perfectly imperfect end to a perfectly imperfect year. My sense of humour is still intact ­čśë

I am so lucky to have the people in my life that I do. I am so lucky to have my Little Mister and my bigger Mister – Mr Unprepared. My family. My friends – near and far, online and offline. I will be spending the day in with my little man – some rest and some quality time. I am thankful. Even hashtag grateful and hashtag blessed. Sorry not sorry!

Happy 31st to me.

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