Things I’d like to do in 2019.

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I know. Nobody’s finished their Christmas day leftovers yet, but I am already excited about all the possibilities that the promise of a new year brings. I know there are a lot of 1st of January grinches out there and I do think your feelings about new year hype are valid – there’s so much pressure to kick goals just because the calendar has ticked over when your life may have other timing. There are probably some statistics that say that nobody ever keeps their resolutions past the 3rd of January (or something haha). It does seem more realistic to begin the new year/new me vibe in February (especially when there are healthier habits on the list). We should be making resolutions all year round, not just in January etc etc.

I get it. I do. But I am a new year nerd. A bit of a romantic. Don’t be a hater haha.

Don’t get it twisted, I am not much of a NYE lover. It’s usually messy and overrated and occasionally stressful. I wouldn’t turn down a family friendly invitation (because I cannot be effed finding babysitting) but I also like to get my kids home to bed at a reasonable hour so I can chill and reflect on the year that’s been and the year I would like to welcome in.

I feel like some resolution-y type things have snuck up on me this December, despite me honestly believing I wasn’t going to have any.

I don’t like to pressure myself or anything, but I am hoping my little list will give me some positive focus for the year ahead. Here are the things I would like to do in 2019…

Journal daily

I bought a little diary from Typo and it has a lined page per day. I have decided that I want to record a little of what I do each day in 2019. Whether I fill the page with emotion or write a couple of words to remember what I was doing, I think it will be a nice ritual. I like the idea of looking back on it in times to come. I also hope it might help me to conquer the terrible writer’s block I’ve been suffering from lately.


I touched on this in my last post but I think I’d like to really focus on it. I love the idea of selling something (or posting it at least) each week. That’s potentially fifty something items that can be donated or sold (at LEAST) in 2019 and I really want to make a go of it! I know it’s a first world problem but we have too much stuff and it’s silly when others could benefit from it and when I’m complaining I don’t have enough cash. I’d love to pare back on a bunch of stuff and really re-focus on only having things we really need/find useful/gain joy from regularly. Which is a hard thing to talk about after getting so much wonderful loot on Christmas Day haha.

Focus on my health/self care

I need to focus on being more assertive about making time for my efforts to exercise. I need to improve my diet. I would like to not be overweight anymore. I will be 12 months post partum in January and I will definitely be ready to try harder. I would like to lose 8kg in 2019. I’m ready for a new chapter of my life. I am glad that I have a new perspective on body image now. I know weight loss won’t bring me anything magical I don’t have in my life now, but I do know I will feel a bit more physically comfortable in my own skin and I love that my 30s have taught me my self worth and self esteem are not connected to the number on the scales.

Save some money just for me

I read some really interesting stuff (OK so I went down a rabbit hole on Facebook and Reddit about some situations) and I think that I need to have a little ‘just for me’ fund. Not for spending now but for my financial security as an individual long term. I am a stay at home mum for now and when I work, it’s very casual or irregular. That will change one day when the kids are older but I think I need a $5 note fund or similar in the mean time. I think that sharing finances is good but I need something for myself too for down the track. I think that some small, negligible amounts would add up a lot over the years and it’s something I’d like to role model to my daughter for a variety of reasons too (sadly statistics say there could come a time when she feels trapped in a bad relationship for financial reasons although I am sure my husband and I would do anything to help her that we could). I didn’t think this kind of thing was necessary for me but after doing some reading I have come around to the idea. My husband does something similar (but more for ‘fun’ reasons) so I think that’s something I’d like to pursue.

Tackle some of the ‘grown up’ stuff I’ve been putting off

This one is boring but I want to reassess things like our insurance funds and stuff. Shop for the best deals and find out where I can make savings for our household. I’m pretty sure our home insurance is pitiful in its level of cover right now and that’s a concern!

Other things I’d like to do in 2019…

  • Leave the Little Miss with family or friends so we can have some child free time. Of course this has to be on her terms too, but I hope we can work towards making her feel OK about it (and maybe even forcing the issue a little). She’s a bit more clingy than the Little Mister was, although she’s coming out of her shell a lot which is great.
  • Moisturise my face every day – my skin is a mess haha.
  • Focus on regular quality family time.
  • Blog more. Find more blogs to read and love. Got any recommendations?
  • Make regular social plans and continue to nurture healthy friendships.
  • Go on a little ‘just me’ holiday for a long weekend or something. I have earned it!
  • Get the Little Mister swimming confidently ready for next summer. He struggles with this and I want him to catch up to his peers and be able to have lots of safe fun in the water. I also want to enrol the Little Miss in swimming lessons.

What would you like to do in 2019?

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