Kez Gets Physical 2019: Week 5

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This week was a bit of a plateau week. I think I lost a little of my resolve to eat cleaner and I also didn’t get as much exercise in as I have the past couple of weeks. I am being kind to myself about it, though. I think it’s when we beat ourselves up and tell ourselves we’ve failed that we are more likely to give up.

Here are some notable things about my week:

I hovered around the 2kg weight loss total

I didn’t really lose more weight this week. In saying that, I did watch the body fat just melt off me literally every day. That was very exciting. I’m making muscle gains – yassssss!

I think that the plateau was due to me not getting in as much exercise. I did 3 decent work outs and the fourth one, at home, was a train wreck (felt like a wasted opportunity) due to my children and my husband (who tries to be supportive but just doesn’t seem to notice a toddler whining at my ankles). I don’t let this kind of crap deter me, though. I’ve learned that my family will survive. I will get something out of it – it’s better than nothing.

I had two ‘treat’ meals (I don’t like the term ‘cheat meals’ because it just sounds negative). One was on Mr Unprepared’s birthday and one was the day after that when he went out to the footy with his mates. There was also cake in the house. I have learned not to keep cake in the house LOL.

I need to get back to just one ‘treat meal’ a week and mix up my work outs. I want to try running with the C25K app (couch to 5k). I remember how running used to transform my body.

My husband really began to notice the changes

He keeps giving me compliments (not that he didn’t before I started working on my fitness etc) and seems impressed at the results I’m getting. I’ve got quite a way to go but it’s nice to know I’ve made noticeable progress. I don’t think anyone else would notice but it makes me feel good.

I loved showing him my newfound biceps and his reaction was priceless!

My step count dropped to 49,638 for the week. It was a bit disappointing. I’ve just gotta keep on trying!

It’s easier to get a good work out in at the gym

I find I get a much better cardio work out if I go to the gym. I push myself harder because the environment is set up much better than my home for doing what I want to do (not to mention the creche is helpful!) and I also feel motivated by having people around me in class. I keep missing a day here and there which does make it harder to really get my week’s progress happening. School events that just happen to constantly fall on gym mornings. Weird life circumstances lately (car trouble which put everything out of whack). Gah!

I often wonder if I’m really getting much out of my gym membership but I keep on trying. I have been considering suspending it over the summer holidays so I can be more flexible and save a little money. We’ll see. I’m glad I’m motivated to do more at home. As the weather gets better with the arrival of spring, I think it will become even easier again.

My resting heart rate got down to 50bpm

I’ve always had a lower resting heart rate, but watching it drop has made me feel like a super athlete haha. I make sure that I fuel myself as well as I can (aforementioned ‘treat’ meals aside – oops) so that I don’t end up with low blood pressure issues (I can be prone if I do not look after myself) but so far so good! I feel fine!

How has your week been? Are you working on your health?

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