Kez Gets Physical 2019: Week 3.

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I was not sure how this week would go, because I had some little hiccups that had the potential to derail me : a social meet up on a gym day and a family birthday celebration the day before my weigh in (I weigh myself officially each Sunday morning). I ended up impressing myself, which has been a great feeling!

Here are some of the notable things about my 3rd week of #kezgetsphysical!

I got 5 lots of exercise in!


It took a lot of dedication but I really enjoyed it. I did a body combat class at the gym, went for two long walks, and I did two home work outs. It felt so good and I started to feel different in the way I hold myself – more upright and proud. Not to mention the endorphins were really important.

I slept better at night too. Obviously it’s never perfect with a toddler and other shit going on, but I loved that “Damn, I’m about to be in a coma” falling asleep feeling haha.

I stepped it up.


Last week, I did 44,286 steps and this week I improved on that with 56,492! My ultimate goal is 70,000. I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way!

I put on 200g (but that’s OK)

I had actually lost weight for most of the week (I’m now up to an overall total of 1.6kg lost), but I weighed in (for the purpose of this blog) the day after a bit of a blow out! I’d been to my parents’ place for my mum’s birthday and had enjoyed a bit of cake and I didn’t really monitor my portion sizes. That’s OK. Life is for living. The next day my weight was back down to that 1.6kg loss because I didn’t let it derail me for any longer than it needed to.

My body fat percentage over the last 3 weeks has reduced a little too!

My jeans feel a little less snug – nothing anyone but I would notice – but noticing that they’re starting to fit better has been pretty awesome!

I had a wobbly moment with my self confidence.

Just one or two careless moments knocked me temporarily this past week or so. I started to feel stupid and not worthy because I’ve struggled with my weight, mental health and fitness for a while. It was like all of my efforts to get back on track (and the progress I was proud of) were for nothing and I felt like I wasn’t being taken seriously. A couple of things hit a raw nerve. I started to feel embarrassed about jiggling all over the place in my work outs and for having the gall to think I’m gorgeous no matter what I weigh.

I realised that I didn’t have to believe that bullshit. I’m stronger than that. I’m doing things my way and I’m getting nice, steady results. I don’t have to answer to anyone but me.

I had a rather aggressive dance cardio work out and sweated my frustration out. Those endorphins saved my day!


The whole reason I’m doing this thing is to show that any ‘average’ person can love themselves and their body at any size and do great things for their health little by little! I want to inspire and to remember that I’m capable too! I got some Instagram messages that night saying lovely things and telling me that they were spurred on by the messages I’ve been trying to communicate. That meant the world to me. We are all worthy and worth it!

I’ve decided that my actual fitness is more important than my piss fitness.

It wasn’t really a conscious decision at first, but I’ve realised that I haven’t wanted to drink alcohol in a while. OK so sometimes I WANT to but I have refrained and the decision wasn’t as hard as you might think!

I am not going to put a blanket ban on myself or anything, but that cheeky glass of wine or whatever after a long day just hasn’t been a thing since the school term started.

Just knowing that my body would waste its time burning off/metabolising the booze before it burns off my food intake is enough to discourage me! I need to make this stuff easier on myself – not harder! Not to mention I want to feel 100% each morning and ready to work out!

I’d rather eat more food than drink more booze. I love my food haha.

Yep. I’m not drinking for scientific reasons! WHAT??

Thanks for reading! How has your week been?

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