The Happy List #23

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Every week I write a list of the things that have made me happy. I usually post it on a Sunday but I didn’t have much time to sit down at my computer (and there was that time where the internet was patchy and then dropped out and I was very not happy)! It’s all good though, because it’s my blog and I can write when I want to so ner haha. I think all in all I have had a pretty productive week, which feels good.

Here’s my happy list…

Buying a dress in record time.

I took a train trip to the city so I could try to tick some things off my summer wardrobe checklist. I also needed a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding (you know when you’ve worn the same dress in front of the same people a few too many times to get away with it again?) and I was hoping that my slightly improved body (i.e. the loss of a little back fat) would make clothes shopping a bit easier.

I am not kidding you. I got off the train, walked a few metres, ducked into a Forever New store and had a new dress within less than 10 minutes. First thing I tried on. WINNING.

It’s pretty and flattering and has that suck-you-in fabric which I am quite the fan of 🙂

You can click here to see it or even buy it for yourself (not sponsored – I was just excited about my find)!

Unfortunately the rest of my shopping trip was a bit lacklustre – I obviously peaked too early – but it was still nice to get out and about sans child!

Getting rid of stuff on Gumtree.

Mr Unprepared is an absolute Gumtree addict. He has the app on his phone and he’s always looking out for ‘bargains’ (although I do try to remind him that it’s only a bargain if you actually need the thing and it’s good quality – not just because it’s going cheap haha). I guess I never really got into it because I’m always trying to DE-clutter. I never really thought of it as a tool to help me sell stuff. But sell I have. It gives you such a rush!

I now have the app and I’ve sold my clunky old office desk, an office chair and a canvas print I had no room for anymore. I even gave away a big pile of Jodi Picoult novels for free. I was so excited when a woman told me she was donating them to a garage sale to help a family in need. When I’d said, “keep them for yourself or pay it forward” in my ad, I never expected someone to take it to heart. How wonderful.

I have a whole lot more to put up on the site – yippee.

Being able to nap when I needed it.

Mr Unprepared had a spot removed from the bottom of his toe last week (obscure right?). Bit inconvenient for him, but it meant he was home off work for a couple of days. He was able to relax and watch the cricket (yuck) and I even got to have a nap on one of the days, while he watched the Little Mister! YAY! I’ve been exhausted lately – not sleeping deeply enough (not naming any names but someone is a noisy sleeper and it’s not me or the Little Mister haha).

I can’t remember the last time I was able to just lie on my bed, drift off for a couple of sleep cycles and wake up feeling better. What a treat!

Working out 3 times.

I was really struggling to find the time and motivation to exercise (despite my bold ‘NoExcusesVember’ assertion). Some of it was my fault and some of it was not my fault at all (I had to recover from a minor procedure). This past week, I finally got back on track and it feels so good. I was able to fit 3 work outs in and I am hoping to continue that for the foreseeable future. I am doing the C25K app program again. I had to start back at the beginning, but I am catching back up quickly. I hope I’m running 5km by Christmas/New Year. I am loving the endorphins (I love cleaning the house after a work out – no joke) and I do think it’s helping me to sleep better at night.

Looking forward to a big summer full of friends and celebrations.

The last month or two were a bit stressful, with a lot of focus on our little secondary infertility issue. While nothing has been resolved, I am glad to have a great few months of fun with friends and family ahead. Best distraction ever! I have three weddings (starting this weekend), visits from what feels like all of the awesome people from far away and Christmas. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I am literally like Will Ferrell’s character in Elf. December the 1st brings it out of me and I do not stop celebrating until Boxing Day. Not annoying at all haha.

So what’s on your happy list? What are you looking forward to this summer (or winter if you’re in the northern hemisphere)? 

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