The Happy List #20

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I had PMS big time this week (there’s a great way to start a blog post), so I really wondered at times if I’d have anything to put on my happy list! Man, I was feeling ALL of the feelings, none of which were happy (unless you managed to catch me on a nice 5 second upswing before the down swing haha). I’m so fun to be around. But now that I’m sitting here, I’m exhausted but I can see the positives and I am really grateful.

Let’s get into it…

Good people making tough stuff so much better

I had to get an ultrasound this past week (no I am not pregnant – that’s the point). I was feeling anxious about it and I had to travel for an hour to get it done. I hadn’t been treated with much warmth and sensitivity by the person on the phone in my own hometown when trying to book (the ultrasound had to be at a very particular time in my cycle and I could not miss that window) and when you’re battling PMS, you really don’t handle being inconvenienced very well (I may have embarrassingly stewed about it all day haha). However, my mum and the Little Mister kept me company and turned it into a surprisingly nice day! The sonographer and his assistant were so lovely and put me at ease (I’ve heard horror stories of ones who are not so good with the people skills). There was no bad news to report. It really could have been a more harrowing and emotional experience than it was – I am so grateful for everyone that made it a little better. The Little Mister was a ray of sunshine and while normally I might find it a bit harder to drag him around, I was really grateful for my little buddy and for my mum who helped to look after him and who was awesome with the emotional support.

Fitting back into some of my clothes despite the emotional eating (and lack of exercise)

I’ve slacked off lately and I was worried that I was undoing my progress in toning up, so I decided to try on some dresses from my wardrobe. I figured that if I was busting out of every single one of them I would be motivated to fix that situation quick smart (I have a few events to go to in the next couple of months and I felt like I need a kick up the bum to stay in some sort of shape – even just for practical reasons – i.e. saving money on dresses). I also figured that if I looked good in some of them, I would find that really encouraging and it would be reason not to give up. Well, I was really pleasantly surprised! YAY! I felt comfortable in most of the dresses I tried on (like I would actually leave the house in them) and the one dress I was using as a measure (the one I couldn’t zip up at all the last time I tried it on) ZIPPED UP! ALL THE WAY! I am so glad to know I haven’t wrecked my progress.

I shall be back on the wagon very soon.

Feeling like a ‘real’ mum because I totally did some activities with the Little Mister from the Woolworths Ancient Animals file (not sponsored – just brainwashed like everybody else)

The Little Mister has become fascinated with collecting dinosaur cards for his file (if you spend a certain amount at the supermarket they give you some). Inside the file are lots of facts about dinosaurish type creatures (there’s a bunch of ‘eras’ and stuff that I can’t be bothered getting into) and some food based activities you can do with/for your kids. He noticed these (he’s very motivated by snack related things) and to my surprise, some of the activities were really simple and I had all the stuff (there’s a miracle – here’s the kicker – they were from the rival supermarket haha). We made dinosaur eggs y’all. I also made some kind of ancient anemone sandwiches with avocado and grated carrot and shit. For a minute there I felt like a really ‘good’ mum. Like the ones you see on TV and read about on OTHER blogs!

The Little Mister was stoked. Mum brownie points ahoy!


Mr Unprepared

I just love that guy, you know? This isn’t a cop out, generic item for my happy list. It’s a real heartfelt, thank you for being there for me – this week I’ve really really felt it thing.

(even if he forced me to watch Star Wars with him last night when there were apparently back to back Channing Tatum movies on another network – it’s criminal!)

My online friendships

You know who you are. You’re the ones who I group message with far too frequently (causing Mr Unprepared to give me a quizzical look when I’m absorbed in your snapchats haha). You’re the ones who know my secrets and whose secrets I guard fiercely too. You’re the ones whose cycles synced up this month with mine because I swear that’s not a coincidence – we’re just too much lady power together hahaha. Any time of the day or night, we’re all there supporting each other. I am so lucky to have great friends both offline and online.

What is on your happy list this week? x

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  1. I think you sound like a really good mum all the time, Kez. Little boys and dinosaurs eh. Mine loved them too. You know the worst thing about ultrasounds I’ve had is having to hold your bladder. It gets painful!

    • Oh my goodness! The bladder thing! I was so worried I might explode during the 1 hour car ride there! Then I arrived early and the lady said the best thing ever, “You can go let it all out and come back a little later.”
      I didn’t even know that was an option! So awesome!


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