The Happy List #15

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Guys. I’m germ infested and it sucks! Not to mention, that time of the month showed her face at exactly the same time. I’m an image of wonder and joy right now. Despite all of that, I have got some things to put on the happy list.

Here goes…

Gossip Girl (xoxo) 

Maybe it’s because I’m only half alive (and therefore only able to use half of my brain – if that), but I am enjoying Gossip Girl for the first time. It’s melodramatic, over the top, far removed from my own world (on so many levels haha) and yet I am sucked in. It’s about all I can handle right now and I am very thankful that there are 121 episodes to keep me company while I hack up a lung. Now, don’t tell me who Gossip Girl is!!! I am fortunate to have forgotten all of the stuff people blogged about when the series ended!

The Little Mister being so understanding that I am feeling under the weather

He’s done such a great job. He’s played quietly. He’s understood when I have to collapse on the couch or if I can’t tend to his needs right away thanks to a coughing fit or a dizzy spell. I feel sorry for him being trapped at home with me, but he’s such a sweet kid and I appreciate it so much! I think all of his experience with coughs and colds this year has given him a good dose of empathy for what others are going through when they don’t feel well. It’s hard to not squish him and breathe my germs in his face as I kiss him for being so gorgeous (I am restraining myself as much as possible – he does not need to be sick too)!

Oh, and a special mention to Mr Unprepared for looking after things when he got home from work too. Very appreciated.

Surprise fruit delivery

I had forgotten that a hamper of seasonal fresh fruit was part of a prize I won a while back. When it was delivered this past week, I was confused. What if all this fruit was for the neighbours and there was a mistake? But no. The invoice told me it was for us! There were the best strawberries I’ve ever tasted, a load of bananas, apples, pears, melons, everything! I don’t know how the hell we’ll get through it all, but I am hoping I’ll feel well enough soon to do something great with the stuff we can’t eat right away – oh the recipes I could bake and create with! We already had strawberries dipped in dark chocolate for a naughty treat the other night. YUM!

Saying bye bye to Tony Abbott as PM

I have never been so happy to see a person ousted from the ‘top job’. I sat there watching the news like it was a sporting event. I won’t get into it (or we’ll be here all day), but let’s just say I was NOT a fan of our speedo wearing, onion eating, boat stopping PM. While I am disillusioned with the fact that our country’s leaders seem to be playing a fast, ridiculous game of musical chairs of late, I am honestly just glad for now that it’s not Tony anymore. I was feeling a bit upset about where our country was going under his leadership. Now it’s Malcolm’s job to prove himself as a worthy leader – surely anybody but Tony is an improvement at this point, right? I hope so. I hope we can look to a future where we vote based on policy and not just based on the (in)stability of each party. Remember, that’s how Abbott got into power. Sigh.

Having ‘real’ sick days for the first time in years

With the Little Mister attending day care a couple of days a week, I felt so fortunate to be able to ‘call in sick’ and actually rest on my own. Like in the BC (Before Child) days. It was much needed. What a relief. What a privilege!

I was a bit annoyed that I couldn’t be productive, but I think that forcing myself to slow down (and ask for/accept help from Mr Unprepared) was good for me. Sometimes we just can’t be on top of our game and that will just have to be good enough.

Other stuff that has made me happy…

  • Miraculously not putting on weight while lying on the couch sick, eating weird crap. Sure, it’s probably just a loss of muscle tone (damn it) but I’ll take it.
  • Making plans for the next week that will give me a real boost – stuff to look forward to when I’m feeling better.
  • A ridiculous snapchat video from a friend who got stuck in the loo at work. Priceless.
  • Snuggles with Mr Unprepared (while I carefully try not to breathe on him) when I’m feeling really ordinary.
  • Online shopping – hello. Sick me is looking after recovered me. Oops haha.

What has made you happy lately? x

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