Happy List #53

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I’ll be honest. I’m not writing this post because I am super high on life right now. I’m writing it because I’m effing exhausted and I have been waking up grumpy AF every day, thanks to the baby going through some kind of “let’s wake up at 3am” phase, followed by a very noisy husband who has to get up at 5am each day. He is also working some full on hours this week, which means a little less support at the end of each day too. You have no idea how much I am hanging out for Friday. Friday is the night Mr Unprepared takes over night time baby duty. And now that I’ve typed this, I am terrified I have jinxed the situation. Mr Unprepared will probably suddenly get the man flu or some shit. Oh, fuck. I don’t even want to think about that. NO. WHY AM I WRITING THESE TERRIBLE WORDS?

Anyway, I feel like my attitude needs a bit of an adjustment. I mean, it’s OK to acknowledge that I don’t have to be super stoked on life at 3am each morning, but I’d like to remember the stuff that has made me happy recently, so I can cling onto the positivity I have stored away in my very tired brain.

Here goes…


Oh yes. We have had a few days of GLORIOUS sunshine. I mean, the air is a bit cold at times, but when you get that exact right angle under the sun, life is pretty damn good and toasty. The Vitamin D does wonders for my body and soul. I don’t always get to enjoy it as much as I’d like, but I am so happy when I can get outside. Besides, the fatigue + lack of sunlight might be hot in the vampire world, but not so much in the real world!

I am sad that rain is forecast again soon, but this is a happy list so we won’t talk about that! I’ll just make the most of what we’ve got right now.

A small break from the builders next door

When I got pregnant, I said to my husband, “I bet that after years of the block next door being vacant, someone will build a house very loudly on it right after the Little Miss is born.”

I was right. I’m psychic!

Recently, they laid down the concrete pad. I am no expert (duh haha) but I think those things need a few days to settle or something, so it’s been nice and quiet next door. It’s all about to change for the absolute worst, but again, I take what I can.

Not making school lunches/doing school runs

Don’t get me wrong: school holidays with a 6 year old and a 5 month old are not always a picnic, but SO MUCH of my day is freed up when I’m not worrying about all my school mum duties. I wake up and feel a thrill at the thought of not having to make school lunches or have uniforms ready. I don’t even know how my friends with several school aged children do it. Making school lunches sucks the life out of my soul!

I travel a lot to get my kid to school and back each day (25 minutes each way) and while I don’t mind doing that to live where I live, it does take some time out of the day. I like being able to have a slow start in the mornings. The holidays are a time where I can refresh and feel ready to take on another term.

The following gif is for comedy reasons. My life does not look anything like this on the school holidays which is a bit disappointing!


My skin is finally beginning to clear up and I’m growing some hair back

I struggle to transition hormonally from being pregnant, to breastfeeding, to not breastfeeding. My skin erupted a few weeks after the baby was born and my hair fell out. I looked like a 90 year old teenager. SO SEXY.

My chin was constantly in a state of turmoil with big zits everywhere. It was always a dilemma. To let it be and not damage the skin, but risk a giant, embarrassing head growing on it that I didn’t know about, or to pop it as soon as I could and deflate the fucker, but risk scarring. Sigh. I basically scar badly no matter what I do so I became a 15 year old zit popper. Thank god for concealer. I mean, it wasn’t that good at concealing anything with the state I was in, but I like to think it lessened the visual impact of those damn volcanoes!

Anyhow, the past couple of weeks I have started to notice little feathery bits of growth around my hairline. My hair feels a little more voluminous (a miracle because volume is not a word that goes with my hair usually – trust me) and I haven’t had an active pimple in a while either! My pill is finally kicking in strongly enough to combat breakthrough bleeding and I do feel better about myself.

I finally had a hair appointment this past week and with a fresh choppy bob and some colour, I feel so much more like I have my shit together. I mean, I probably don’t really, but I feel like I might be able to fool some people if I left the house in clean clothes haha.

Spending more weekend time as a family

Before the holidays started, I feel like we got ourselves into a rut when it came to weekends. Mr Unprepared and I did a few little separate things (sometimes you just have to take time out and we can’t have date nights yet unfortunately as babysitting is thin on the ground) and then we would just be stuck at home trying frantically to get on top of housework. This is OK sometimes, but we needed to make more quality time for ourselves as a family unit. Once we started doing that, I felt instantly better. It’s something I want to work on more.

So that’s my happy list…what would you put on yours?

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