I have some very bad news…

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OK, guys. Something really wrong has been brought to my attention. I have some bad news.

I’m not going to New York in a few days. I mean, I kind of knew I wasn’t because I haven’t planned to travel or anything, but I’m not going. And this is wrong. Want to know what else is wrong(er)? My brother is. Which might be fair enough, seeing as he planned an actual trip to New York in the first place, but I’m not going and therefore I’m feeling a little bit miffed. I HAVE TRAVEL ENVY.


Being the great sister I am, I will share with my brother my broad knowledge of New York and its attractions.


…and that’s about it.

You’re welcome, bro. Bring me back a t-shirt with an apple or something on it.

Proper posting will resume when my brain kicks back in x

4 thoughts on “I have some very bad news…”

    • Oops! My brother would certainly love him. Good thinking! He’s going to have so much cool stuff to do once I’ve sent him my list of stuff to see haha.


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