How to play hide and seek with a 3 year old.

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Look behind you!

I just played the best game of hide and seek with the Little Mister. Here’s how each round tends to go…

His turn to hide. 

I count to ten slowly and loudly. The Little Mister has found his hiding spot already. I can hear him from that precise spot counting along loudly with me. If I pretend I can’t find him (in the same spot he hides every single time), he will just yell out, “I’M BEHIND THE [IKEA CIRCUS] TENT!”

I find him jumping up and down, arms everywhere, laughing his head off and being very conspicuous. He acts surprised that I’ve found him each time. Like, genuinely surprised. So of course I act surprised that he has hid there for the fiftieth time.

My turn to hide.

Me: “OK, Little Mister. Now you have to count to ten and then come and find me.”

Me again: “Hey! You have to close your eyes! For the whole time you’re counting! Um…maybe cover your eyes with your hands. OK, count!”

Little Mister: “1-2-3-2-COMING.”

I then run around like a mad chook with its head cut off looking for an emergency hiding spot, because the little monster didn’t count for long enough (although he does usually add another 2 – very considerate).

Once he finds me (after pestering his dad repeatedly to give my spot away), he will scream excitedly in my face.

Then we high five. Of course.

“Again??” he’ll ask.



I’ve never laughed so hard. I highly recommend hide and seek with a three year old. It’s fantastic for the inner child (yours) and the endorphins. And maybe one day it will be good for my child’s counting skills. But that might take a little while 😉

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  1. You are so incredibly cute you two. My game of hide and seek involves me telling the three boys to go and hide whilst I make a coffee and potter for a bit… 30 minutes later I call out “I cant find you”… jokes.. kinda 😉 xx


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