Yep. That’s a picture of me trying to be professional and shit.

I may be a bit of a sweary lady, but I have heard from a few people that I’m pretty OK at words (and good at knowing my target audience because I’m not a totally inappropriate freak). I am passionate about writing and I am addicted to social media!

So…if you would like to sponsor me to promote/review your business/products on the blog or via social media, then I’d love to hear from you! Just drop me an email at ?

Some things I’m totally down for:

  • Free admission to your events in exchange for social media coverage
  • Gifted products to review/endorse/give away
  • Sponsored posts
  • I can write for your blog/site – either a one off or a regular instalment
  • A holiday. Anywhere. Or a babysitter I can trust. Ha. I’m half kidding, but seriously. Consider sending me somewhere!

We can discuss my rates when you get in touch ?

My interests:

  • Travel
  • Community events
  • Live music/theatre/comedy
  • Products my family can use around the home to make life easier!
  • Social justice issues (this is a bullying/sexism/racism free zone)
  • Parenting/family issues (sensitive to the fact that I am dealing with secondary infertility currently – i.e. might be best not to ask me to promote a maternity item for example)
  • Supporting small Aussie businesses
  • Beauty/cosmetics
  • Blogging/writing (duh)!
  • Cocktails! Food!
  • Healthy eating/exercising (but from the perspective of the realest huffy puffy person there is haha)

Some things you need to know:

  • My family needs to eat. I may consider working for ‘free’ if the possibility of wider exposure is particularly appealing or if I am helping to support an important charity cause, but on the whole, I will take a lot more notice if you acknowledge that my services are worth some moolah/gifts of similar value for my time and energy (I put a lot of love into what I do).
  • Any product reviews will be absolutely 100% honest and my opinion only.
  • I am based in Western Australia (with ties to NSW and Victoria), so if I cannot access your product/venue easily from where I am (or at least with assistance in the form of paid for transport), then I will have to decline. Sorry! I want my fellow WA peeps to share in the love, so we don’t feel forgotten! I am happy to negotiate with dates I’m already travelling, so be cheeky and try your luck!
  • I will not review things I have no interest in, or have not been able to try for myself personally. I am all about integrity – I take my readers’ belief in me seriously!

Now that’s everything about me, but I want to know about you! If you think I am well suited to your brand, then I’d love to hear from you.

Keri Arkell – Serious Business Woman (kidding – WTF am I doing?)


PS Check out my ‘contact me’ page for all of my social media details!