2 thoughts on “Sporadic ‘Newsletter’: January 2017 Edition.”

  1. I’ve noticed since I started blogging again that my addition to my phone and social media has greatly increased! I used to be able to live off the grid – except when friends/family reached out. But I think now 24 hours without my iPhone I’d be having huge withdrawals – how could I keep up with the news and events of the day?
    After Christmas I was the same – I had eaten tonnes of carbs each day and constant scoffing of chocolates. I feel much better now being back in the zone. You’ll get there quickly – it will only take a day or two. I’m the same, I can’t do it half-assed, I will fall off the wagon, I need to go hardcore.

    • Yes! Exactly! I have to completely throw myself into exercise and diet or I just can’t stay focused and then I start sneaking too many treats! I find structure really helps me to stay on track – a clear boundary between discipline and treat time! x


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