So, what’s been happening? April-May 2014.

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Some of you may be familiar with these sporadic, “what we’ve been up to lately” posts. I write them to remind myself of precisely that, in the hopes that when people ask me I will actually have an answer and not just an awkward, “not much…you?”
While my life isn’t overly exciting (I haven’t trekked Everest or saved any orphan dolphins lately), it is full. So here goes…

(and please try to ignore the fact that I last did a March-April post and that it overlaps with April-May and I will try to get everything in order at some point but truly who cares because it’s my blog haha)



Every year we go to one of our favourite holiday destinations to spend Easter Sunday with our long time family friends. As in, they truly are friends who are family to us. We used to actually stay there all Easter with our families (since I was a baby/toddler), but now with our busy lives we manage a day trip which makes me so happy. I am so excited that the Little Mister gets to be a part of the tradition. This year he had his very own Easter egg hunt around our house and then we headed off on our day trip. Where he was fed MANY roasted marshmallows. Which made him so so so happy. We spent the car ride home trying to keep him awake so he wouldn’t wreck his night sleep and had that deliciously tired and satisfied feeling when we got home. Don’t you love those kinds of days?

Also, the sunset on the drive home!!!



I turned 30

My birthday was on Easter Monday so we backed up our big Easter Sunday with a low key family feast at my parents’ house. It had a bit of a high tea theme (with cucumber sandwiches, gourmet roast beef sandwiches and lots of sweet treats). Another lovely lazy day with my loved ones. Only two days into the food fest that is Easter, I felt like I could fall into a food coma forever.

I later had dinner with a handful of girlfriends, but I didn’t mind keeping it understated. Relaxing was my main priority haha.

I got new glasses. 

Now I can SEE! I think it may have been an oversight (or lack-of-sight) that I didn’t wear glasses before while driving. Don’t worry. If you’ve accepted lifts from me any time in the last 8 years or so, you’re alive. So no complaining, OK? And don’t worry, I’ve received a few lectures!

…and a haircut. 

I felt like I needed a change for the big 3-0. So I lopped off my awkwardly medium length balayage locks. Well, I didn’t do it. A professional hair dresser did it. Which is lucky, really. I had my hair dyed very black (as opposed to my normal medium black – there is totes a difference guys) and cut into a really nice asymmetrical bob. I feel so classy, y’all.

(although that was not a classy paragraph).

I baked some cookies using left over Easter eggs as choc chips (upon the advice of Twitter).



They were delicious. Thank you for asking.

I started ticking things off my massive pre-travel to-do list.

Holy crap. With not long until our massive journey to Singapore, Korea and Japan begins, I have realised that there is so much pre-trip stuff to get done. Every day I have been writing lists in my diary. Lists that keep getting bigger all the time! I’ve been dragging the Little Mister all about town doing errands, making important phone calls and watching Walter Mitty (OK so that’s not an essential but we watched it last night and it totally got me excited to have my own crazy adventures into the unknown).

I’ve still got a bunch of stuff to do…packing might be useful (it’s a little overwhelming when there’s the transportation of a toddler and a lot of days in transit on trains etc to think of). I’m sure I’ll figure it all out soon. When I stop procrastinating. Might have to call my travel savvy mum around so she can sort me out. She has a way of kicking my butt (in the nicest way) haha.

So that’s what’s been happening lately. What have you been up to? Give me the goss! x

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