2019: Week 4

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Wow, is January not the longest month of the year? I am not hating it, but it’s so strange how everything slows down at this time of the year! Maybe it’s just because I’m a school mum? Who knows. I wondered when I’d start to wish for school to go back and I am really quite impressed with myself that the feeling only kicked in this week haha.

Here’s my wrap up of the 4th week of 2019…

January 22 – Tuesday

I had started the week feeling really overwhelmed but knowing I had made a commitment to meet my friend Carly and her daughter H kept me going. I was not going to cancel this play date – I WAS NOT! I was anxious about silly things. Like was I packing enough stuff? Would Carly think I was weird or over prepared or underprepared (ha – note my blog name)? Would I fuck up somehow? I had absolutely no doubts about us getting along like a house on fire. We’ve been chatting online for YEARS and had a funny moment where we accidentally met in the street last year (breaking the ice for us to transition from internet buddies to real life buds). I just wondered if I’d come off as more weird or awkward than usual!! I knew Carly would likely feel the same as me and that was really reassuring.


When we met up the Little Mister and H got along really well! We had a lovely day at the Rockingham foreshore (a great spot for kids to play safely in the water) and it definitely helped me to calm the fuck down after feeling a bit out of sorts (those January blues I keep mentioning). It was a great day for my soul and I can’t wait to catch up with Carly and H more often.

It was the day before the Little Miss’ first birthday and I reflected on how exactly a year ago I’d been so nervous (we had a scheduled C-section for the next morning). That day, the Little Mister had taken his little packed bag with his worldly possessions to my parents’ house to stay so we could make a very early start the day after. He knew that when he saw us next, his little sister would be here and he was so excited and nervous to hear the good news.

January 23 – Wednesday

Big bro and birthday girl.

The Little Miss turned 1!! It was mostly an unremarkable day as she was too young to understand what was happening and Mr Unprepared was at work, but it felt special all the same.

I took the Little Mister to a great local store to find her a present and an outfit for her little upcoming birthday celebration. It was a bit of a challenge as we were also there to pick a new school lunch bag for the Little Mister and he had a bit of an anxiety attack about which one to pick. I think that the reality of school going back (he gets very nervous every year) overwhelmed him. Once he was calmed a bit, we picked out a great fabric ‘book’ as a gift from him that has lots of little plush Aussie animals in it (and zips up for travel) for the Little Miss and she LOVES it. The lady in the shop gift wrapped it for her which was so sweet.

Our big gift to her will be a photo collage of her first year of life – it’s not fun to play with, but will be a gorgeous keepsake.

When Mr Unprepared got home from work he gave her the biggest, sentimental cuddles and we had spag bol for dinner because she loves pasta haha.

My gran got her mobile phone fired up with the help of my mum. She now can receive photo messages. I would send her photos of the Little Miss and she would awkwardly text back random emoji and letters to let me know she’d received them. She has hand tremors so she finds it hard to type but knowing she was trying was just so gorgeous. I hope she doesn’t give up.

January 24 – Thursday

The Little Miss woke in the night a fair bit with her teething. She has teeth exploding out of her gums everywhere! Hopefully that means it will all be over and done with quicker, right? It was a bit of a struggle to get up in the morning!

The Little Mister had his hair cut. He was a bit out of sorts that day and didn’t chat the barber’s ear off for the first time in forever. He would swing from hyper to anxious and upset. He was starting to play up at bed time too.

I tried to tick off some stuff I needed to get done for the Little Miss’ family birthday BBQ too.

January 25 – Friday

The day did not start well at all. I’d had a really rough night with the kids. I was beyond exhausted. We had to go to Spotlight to find some simple party supplies but first I had to find my damn car keys. I had hoped to get out and back home in time for the Little Miss’ morning nap but we were running later and later and I finally found those damn keys where I’d left them in the pocket of the shorts I’d worn the day before (something I never have done in my life but there’s always a first time for everything). Then after having the Little Mister firing 1000 questions at me a second while I stared at paper plates and cups trying to think straight and feeding the Little Miss ‘please for the love of all that is holy be quiet too’ snacks, I lost my car keys when we were ready to leave!

I had them when I unlocked the car and then misplaced them before I got in my seat. FFS. They had slipped into a section of my handbag that I have constantly told my family to stay the eff out of because it has my lady things in it and WHY WON’T THEY LISTEN AND YEP IT WAS UNZIPPED. I only discovered them after I’d frantically rifled through the entire car and even got down on my hands and knees to look underneath the car too! In front of old ladies who didn’t really have any fucks to give! My brain was not firing on all cylinders so I decided to abort our supermarket plans and go straight home. We needed to rest and regroup!

That afternoon I ticked off some more tasks ALONE as Mr Unprepared had worked a half day (thank goodness). I even managed to squeeze in a manicure so I wouldn’t have giant, grown out, fluoro yellow talons when the Little Mister goes back to school. It was a peaceful moment during a crappy day!


January 26 – Saturday

We had to do a lot of prep for the Little Miss’ birthday BBQ in the morning. I was relieved with what we ticked off. It had been really hard to coordinate things in two hour blocks around the Little Miss’ sleep and other such challenges!

In the afternoon, we hopped onto our friends’ boat for some fun in the sun/water. We left the Little Miss with her grandparents (she did really well as we knew she’d miss her brother) and took the Little Mister with us so he could play with his buddy S. They adore each other – it’s very cute. It was essentially an Australia Day celebration and while I have really conflicted feelings about that, it was just nice to socialise and be around great people. The extrovert in me has needed those moments these holidays – having a baby and a 7 year old can be a little isolating at times if you’re not proactive and don’t choose to say ‘yes’ more.

We all fell asleep early that night. Well, after the Little Mister did his usual bed time song and dance, that is. 🙄

January 27 – Sunday

After a week of stressing (it’s embarrassing to admit), the Little Miss’ celebration day was here! Once the initial awkwardness of introducing everyone to each other was done with, everything went well! It was a sausage sizzle with a couple of salads and cake – no OTT extravaganza here! The Little Miss had never had cake before in her life and seeing her smoosh up her first cupcake (made to match the big assed cake I’d somehow ordered) and shove it in her mouth was quite a wonderful moment.

It was great to see everyone and it was so nice to know just how loved our baby girl is. I hope everyone had a good time. It was a bit of a strange BBQ spot, with everyone spread out to find shade to sit in (our original location was unfortunately too busy even hours before our event started) and I always feel weird about my hosting skills. Everyone was so lovely about it anyway.

You might have noticed an undercurrent of anxiety as a theme in my week. A few things were really triggering me and I was struggling to find a healthy outlet that would help me let go of the stress. Knowing the Little Mister was anxious was anxiety inducing too. I wanted to make sure he didn’t know how I felt but I think I failed. I want to do so much better moving forward. OMG that was very revealing. 🙈

January 28 – Monday

We spent the day recovering from the week that had gone by! Tidied the house a little, spent some time in the backyard and listened to the Hottest 100 of 1998 on Double J. The Little Mister asked me if most of the artists featuring in that year’s Hottest 100 were dead now. Um hello…we’re not that old!!

We made progress on the Little Mister being calm and staying in his room at bed time. YES!

So that was our week! Some really great moments and a lot of stress too! I hope the next week will feel a little calmer. The week before the Little Mister is back at school? Hmm. Maybe wishful thinking but I am putting it out there! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S FEBRUARY NEXT WEEK? I feel like I’ll have to actually pull my finger out (what the fuck is that saying by the way?) and truly start living as my best 2019 self! Eek!

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