2019: Week 3

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Hey! How are you? I hope you’re doing OK.

Here’s my wrap up of the third week of 2019…

January 15 – Tuesday

We struggled through this day. I realised I was suffering from the January Blues (it’s a thing I get OK?) and I was getting a bunch of anxious, negative thoughts swirling through my head. It wasn’t helped by the fact that the Little Miss was not getting any sleep! The house next door was being worked on by tradies who had a very loud drill that they only used at nap time. Of course!

I decided we needed a circuit breaker and we headed to my mum’s for a change of scenery and some fresh air and greenery. It didn’t solve the world’s problems but that hour got me through the rest of the day. Mentally, I felt much better.


January 16 – Wednesday

We had no plans for the day, so to avoid the January Blues getting to me again, I decided some exercise was in order. I also wanted some ‘fun mum’ brownie points so I decided we’d walk to the local ‘front shop’ on the water and buy the Little Mister an ice-cream. It took a while to get our shit together and actually leave the house, but once we were on our way it was lovely. It wasn’t too hot in the middle of the day as there was a wonderfully refreshing breeze.

The Little Mister chose a chocolate paddle pop and melted it all over himself which required an obligatory rinse in the water! He then got a 5 minute play at the playground (I know that makes me sound mean but we had a lot to do haha). He’s getting good at that. We make up a little hand signal I’ll do to let him know when it’s time to leave and the deal is that he has to leave quickly and without having a whinge. I make it seem like a fun challenge – how much fun can you fit into five minutes. Also, I think it saves him the embarrassment of having his mummy yelling for him to come back in front of the other kids haha. Now that I’ve written this, it won’t work next time. I bet ya!

All up we walked 5km, including up a monster hill. I felt so strong when I got to the top after pushing the Little Miss in her bulky stroller all the way up! Mr Unprepared called me when I was dying at the halfway point and it made me laugh when he seemed surprised I was tackling THE big hill. Both the Little Mister and I were so impressed with our exercise efforts. The Little Mister swore to me that he thought he ‘looked’ stronger and more muscly the instant we got home!

The top of the “big hill”

The Little Miss stood by herself without holding onto anything today – not for long but it was pretty cool!

January 17 – Thursday

I woke up feeling like shit, emotionally and physically. I may have had gross take away food to comfort myself and I hate to say it but it worked. I did not feel guilty AT ALL afterwards. So no points for dietary will power, but many points for making me feel better! 😂

The Little Miss slept well during the day for the first time in ages. She practiced her standing up skills more too. I felt bummed that Mr Unprepared was yet to see it. The plight of being the working outside of the home bread winner.

January 18 – Friday

I had a good little morning work out. I got out of bed and hopped straight on the treadmill while Mr Unprepared wrangled the children. I pumped out a half hour uphill walk and then showered as normal. I think this will be a good little routine on his days off so I get my time in. It has very little impact on my family’s day and it’s definitely better than nothing!

I got my hair done. It was good to slow down like you can only do in a cape with a bunch of alfoil stuck to your head. I had downloaded a magazine (EMMYLOU) and I was excited to read it. I’ve become a little obsessed with Emmy Lou Loves on Instagram. It happened accidentally. WTF haha.


I also went bra shopping. I had been having a lot of trouble with my bras cutting into my back fat (my one area of shame that I am having trouble loving despite my body acceptance being at an all time high lately). It was an act of self care for myself. I’ve fluctuated in both body size and cup size a lot since I was pregnant with the Little Mister and it has been a bloody confusing few years for my breastestests. Now that I’m done having babies, I was ready to get fitted properly and say goodbye to dodgy bras in dodgy sizes. Of course the girl in the bra shop measured me over my bulky pinafore, baggy tee and padded bra so I was a bit shocked when she suggested I go up a trillion sizes. Luckily my good judgement prevailed and a happy medium was achieved.

Despite having such a ‘me’ day, I was still feeling snappy and burnt out afterwards. I felt bummed about that but not ungrateful. Everything helps even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

January 19 – Saturday

The Little Miss had a really rough night. A developmental leap and an explosion of teeth all coming at once! Mr Unprepared was on duty but it was difficult for me to sleep too.

We went for a swim at my parents’ house and then ordered fish and chips. At this point I’d lost 700g so far in 2019 and I was feeling good LOL. Oh, January, you slay me.

January 20 – Sunday

Woke up at 4:30am to a power outage. It was a little stressful because I knew the baby monitor wouldn’t be working and the Little Mister’s clock wouldn’t say the right time (he always bursts into our room to complain at any hour he happens to wake and see it usually).

It was a very hot day and the power only got restored properly when the heat of the day had already arrived, so you can imagine I had never appreciated the invention of the air conditioner more. Also, I don’t know why but our mobile phone reception was down. We had no way of calling out or receiving calls and that was difficult. It’s pretty bad when that happens.

We went for another swim at my parents’ house. The Little Mister swam half the length of their pool without stopping (and no flotation devices)! That’s a big deal for him. He gets anxious and it’s held him back a lot. It made me so happy to see his progress. I’m so excited for the day it just all clicks for him and he finds his confidence.

January 21 – Monday

I slept badly. Damn anxiety.

Seeing as I couldn’t sleep any longer at 5am in the morning, I decided to get up and take charge of all the things that were worrying me. Some journalling for the emotional stuff and some serious calendar/list work for the practical stuff. It made me feel so much better. I ticked off some admin/phone call tasks and felt like a bloody champ.

Went grocery shopping with a grumpy baby and a talkative 7 year old because I like to live on the edge.

How was your week? Highlights? Low lights?

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