2019: Week 2.

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You guys. I am so impressed with myself. I have written in my (paper) journal every single day since 2019 began without ever forgetting! I am really enjoying the ritual, actually. I sometimes wish the pages were bigger (they’re A5 – half an A4 size) but then I think I would not be able to sustain this habit if I felt like I could to write a novel every night. And trust me, I would.

So here’s a wrap up of the week that has just been…

January 8 – Tuesday

We had an ‘at home’ day. The Little Miss finally started saying “mum” a lot. In fact, after months of nothing but “dada” I got a look in and “dada” seemed like a distant memory! Mr Unprepared seemed a little (mock) miffed haha.

I got accosted by an aggressive door to door salesman that afternoon. He had knocked earlier in the day but I had ignored the knock as I wasn’t expecting anyone and the baby was sleeping. I only got caught out because I worried that the neighbour kids might be looking for the Little Mister for some play time and I didn’t want to be rude. Big mistake.

The guy was trying to sell some too-good-to-be-true home solar panel scheme. Look, if you’re reading and have bought it and it’s awesome I apologise, but I am a very sceptical person who doesn’t like being chased down by people to buy anything. He was really pushy and it made me want to slam the door in his face but I was too polite and it was awkward and he tried to put me on the spot and make me feel like an idiot for not buying his thing. Fuck you, mate. Apparently he’ll probably be back in 6 months. Maybe I’ll have moved to a remote shack in a mountain side somewhere by then just to avoid him. Or maybe I’ll grow some lady balls and tell him to get lost before he can say anything.

January 9 – Wednesday


Look, I’m not going to lie. I watched that Matt Damon movie We Bought A Zoo and I cried because it’s a god damn feel good movie. And I was tired!

Took the kids to my mum’s for a swim in the pool. It was heaps of fun mucking about with the Little Mister. He forgot to be freaked out and even swam a short distance to me a couple of times without any flotation devices. Definitely a small victory.

I ate healthy. Yep. That one time haha. Overall, my food choices have improved but there’s a long way to go.

January 10 – Thursday

Met my mum at a cafe and dropped off the Little Mister after a little breakfast. She was taking him on a little boat cruise to see dolphins and stuff. She loves doing those kinds of things with him on the holidays. It’s great bonding for them. I think it helped him to get over his disgust at the state of the rainbow cookie he ordered at the cafe. It only had 4 smarties on it and they were all pink haha. If you didn’t know, rainbow cookies are totally his thing. ESPECIALLY if his Nanna is there.


It felt really quiet and strange with just the Little Miss at home. I realised it will be like that again soon when the Little Mister returns to school!

January 11 – Friday

We found out that my inlaws were having a garage sale the next day. They offered to try and sell some of the stuff we wanted to get rid of. We jumped at the chance! We took over a bunch of baby stuff among other things. It was nice to potentially avoid having to post a bunch of stuff online and wait for people to show an interest – something I’d been half heartedly doing for a little while with no success. We advised my mother in law to price everything low and we crossed our fingers.

January 12 – Saturday

OK so the spookiest fucking thing happened in the early hours. I couldn’t sleep so I was watching some of my fave psychic medium shows on the iPad in bed. The baby cried so I paused my show, removed my ear buds and went to tend to her. When I got back the iPad was playing music. I HAD NOT IN ANY WAY ACTIVATED ANY MUSIC APPS and my show was still on the screen, paused. It took me forever to turn it off as it was playing a LULLABY (IT PLAYED A LULLABY WHEN MY BABY WOKE – OF ALL THE SONGS I HAD ON THERE) through Apple Music and THE APP WAS CLOSED. Not even minimised. Not even playing while the app sat in the background. IT HAD NOT BEEN OPENED. There were two options: either my iPad was haunted or it had some kind of Apple related bug. Either way, I did not get much sleep at all that night, you guys. Also? I don’t think I’ll be watching those shows for a little while.

We went to check on how the garage sale went. Nothing got sold! So funny. My mother in law was really sweet and offered to post everything on Facebook Marketplace for us and just shift it. She did really well. Yay for decluttering.

January 13 – Sunday


We took the kids for a swim at my mum’s place (for the 4th time this week) and the Little Mister did his best kicking and swimming so far! The whole length of the pool without giving up! He still had his swim fin on but trust me, this was progress!

That afternoon Mr Unprepared and I left the kids at the inlaws’ for about 3 hours so we could attend the birthday drinks of one of his cycling mates. It marked the very first time we had gone somewhere together without the kids since the Little Miss was born. I had a mojito and listened to everyone talking about bike stuff and it was a lovely afternoon. The Little Miss survived without us and everyone was happy. Except that the Little Mister was most disappointed when he found out that it wasn’t indeed a sleep over situation like he had assumed. Poor kid haha.

January 14 – Monday

Today I woke up to the very sad news that a blogger I really like and am inspired by (have been for years) has lost her husband to a horrible freak accident. It really hit me. It is possible to feel grief for people you’ve never met in person. I didn’t know what to do with my day for a moment. I was thrown. Everything seemed so insignificant compared to what she and her beautiful children are going through. But then I realised that it’s those things I should not take for granted and I resolved to find gratitude in being able to live out the mundane with all my loved ones. How lucky I am to be able to ask my husband where the fuck those things he “put away” are and to be fussing over dinner and knowing my husband is coming home soon. How heavy my heart is for Kelly. She and her family have not left my thoughts. I am so sorry she has to go through something nobody should have to go through. It is so unfair.

I had some other dumb stuff written down in today’s journal entry but I think I will just let this be in memory of Anthony. A person that Kelly painted a picture of with so much love.

I hope that you had a good week. I hope you are OK.

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