Yesterday morning, my beloved grandfather, affectionately known as “Kenny” passed away. He had suffered from a form of dementia for around 3 years and he left this world peacefully, holding my Nana’s hand. I am very sad, but I have an absolute wealth of lovely memories to draw on when I feel this sadness and I find great relief in knowing that he is not suffering anymore. I have no doubt that wherever he is now, he remembers each and every one of us who were loved by him during his time on earth. I am not usually one to announce something like the death of a loved one via blogging or social media, but I just cannot let this pass without sharing with you what is going on in my life and how special Kenny was/is to me.

My family will be travelling interstate to celebrate his life with my dad’s side of the family as soon as we can.

RIP Kenny. We love you. But you already know that 😉