The Happy List #35

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What can I say? Life has been INTENSE lately! Everyone’s adjusting to new routines and there have been some hiccups along the way. Still, I’ll be damned if I don’t find some great things to put on my happy list this week! There’s always something positive to be found – even the smallest, weirdest things. You know, silver linings and all that.

Mr Unprepared looking out for me when I’ve been a burnt out mess

It’s the little things that make you feel like someone’s got your back. He’s covered me at dinner time when I’ve run out of steam. He understood when I had a little meltdown and have been absolutely exhausted. He’s helped with the Little Mister when he’s been particularly challenging and he’s shown a lot of empathy when I’ve been struggling. It takes a lot for me to get this way, but this past week was one of those weeks. I’m starting to feel a bit better now and ready for a new week. I could not have rediscovered some of my sanity so quickly if it weren’t for the support.

Long snap chat video exchanges with my girlfriends

We just talk a lot of crap about our days but it’s fun. I wish you could ‘snap’ videos longer than 10 seconds, but it’s a cute way to see what everyone’s up to and share a laugh too. It’s more fun in video form and great when you can’t be bothered typing. Some days, it’s like watching our own reality shows haha.


Sorry not sorry. Even better when it’s delivered right to your door in a timely fashion and you feel really clever because you pimped up a really nice vegetarian with some bacon and it’s delicious. Hashtag blessed. Because sometimes you just need horrible, terrible, no good for you pizza. Hashtag no regrets.

On a side note, the Little Mister thinks the Coca Cola slogan ‘taste the feeling’ is ‘taste your feelings’. I like to think I was tasting my feelings that night ?

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Look, I know I shouldn’t like it. I am fully aware of the many reasons. But it makes me so happy. The bad jokes. The weird challenges. The drama. The fact that my brain isn’t required when viewing it. In fact, the last reason is pretty much the best reason. It is my guilty pleasure. I seem to have a lot of those when it comes to TV haha.

When I actually feel somewhat organised

I am on a roll. I know it’s early days as a school mum, but I have been so good at making lunches ahead of time, having the school uniform washed and laid out early, and I have various alarms on my phone for just about everything. I’ve not been 100% perfect (there was that time I forgot to pack the Little Mister’s hat), but I am just going to enjoy pretending I’ve got my shit together until something happens and it all unravels haha.

Other stuff that has made me happy:

  • Mr Unprepared did the bulk of the week’s supermarket shop so I won’t have to.
  • Receiving a single red rose for that Hallmark holiday we both won’t admit we kind of enjoy a little bit.
  • Parmesan on spag bol.
  • Sorting out my emails.
  • Slowly solving/making progress with some parenting problems challenges that have been stressful.
  • A good night’s sleep. Um hello.
  • Knowing the Little Mister is in really good hands at kindy.
  • Realising I have some excuses to go clothes shopping. It’s been a while!

At some point this year I might actually get a life (someone is a little bit stir crazy right now – guess who) and write about more than TV and pizza, but I’m just keeping it real, babes!

What would you put on your happy list right now?

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