The Happy List #24

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Well, hello there lovely person who is reading my blog! Welcome to my weekly Happy List thingy. It’s where I reflect on the stuff that has made me happy over the previous week – taking time to smell the flowers, kind of. So I don’t lose the lovely memories in the blur of adult life and all that.

So, here’s the stuff that has brought a little joy…

New couch feels.

Today we picked up my new gorgeous 3 seater sofa. It’s second hand and it is just gorgeous! I bought it from a gorgeous lady friend. I am so so so happy as I would never have been able to afford it brand new. It’s originally from Freedom and it has this real retro feel to it. It’s really comfy and while I am a little nervous letting the Little Mister anywhere near it, it’s great to start over! The old couch was horrendous. While we thought we could wait out the whole ‘having a small child’ phase of our lives with it, I started to get very very cranky about it. You sank into it (and not in a good way) when you sat down, you practically needed a crane to lift you out of it, it made your back sore every time you sat in it for a while and just about every part of it was detachable, which meant the Little Mister could remove all the parts and throw them around the room (or make boats/cars/forts/a mess) if you left for five minutes. It was also starting to look really…tired and embarrassing. I sold it for next to nothing on Gumtree to a young guy moving out of home for the first time and wished it well. That alone made me happy! I was so relieved when he looked at it (his mum was there for support) and didn’t change his mind!!

So anyway, back to the new couch. It’s SO CUTE. Change is slowly happening in my house and it’s making me so happy. I’m starting to see my own style emerging (instead of an ‘ugh that will do’ approach). My house is becoming a home – finally (it’s only been about 8 years haha).

Here’s a shitty googled shot of what it looks like because I haven’t taken a proper shot of it in my house yet. The picture does not do this little beauty justice! Squee!!!!


Celebrating a beautiful wedding.

Yesterday, I got to attend the wedding of a really amazing girl and her groom. I met the gorgeous bride when we were scared new parents at a mothers’ group meeting and four years later, we all mean a lot to each other. Most of the mum’s group was honoured to be there and we had a blast. It was so nice to dress up too! It was a gorgeous day and I couldn’t be happier for the couple of honour and their beautiful son.

Wine was consumed, dancing was done. Love was in the air. So. Awesome.

Buying clothes for Mr Unprepared and totally nailing it.Β 

I went shopping with my mum (quality time – just the two of us) for the first time in ages and it was so nice. We did some shopping for me for an upcoming wedding and I realised it would be good to get something for Mr Unprepared as he hasn’t splurged on nice clothes in a while. I was nervous picking out some trousers and a dress shirt without him there toΒ try them on, but I took a risk. My mum assured me that if I’d messed up the sizes she would be visiting the city again soon and could return them for the right size. We got home and after snap chatting him all day with photos of ridiculous clothes (just to scare him), he seemed a little relieved that I had bought him some nice things. He tried them on and he looked great! Since we’ve been together, I like to think my sense of style is slowly rubbing off on him haha.

Everything fit him perfectly – go me!

Ladies, I think I’ll get in trouble for this (sorry Mr Unprepared haha), but here’s my secret. You have to take your not-as-style-savvy partner just a teensy bit out of their comfort zone each time you shop for/with them. Show them how to take little risks and try new things, but don’t go so out there too early or it freaks them out. Mr Unprepared has discovered some great new things on his own over the years after I’ve done a little groundwork – it’s great πŸ™‚

Clean sheets day.Β 

Not much explanation needed. Bliss. Especially when the weather has been warm and your sheets are crisp and cool.

These shoes.Β 


I bought these from Novo (not sponsored – just love them) and they are so cool. They don’t make my stumpy legs look stumpier (like some strappy wedges do), they’re high enough that I feel like a normal person, but not so high that I fall over (although give me a bit too much wine and who knows). They are comfier than traditional heels. AND…I wore them to the wedding I mentioned above and I got ZERO blisters and my feet never got sore, even after a good dance session! I love how the style is fairly timeless. I can’t wait to wear these for a few seasons at least. I even bought the white pair so I can match to more outfits (after having to track them down in my size – they seem to have sold out in a lot of stores)! Yay.

You wouldn’t believe how hard it can be for me to find the perfect wedged shoe (I’m picky and my feet and legs are a bit weird). These are a miracle buy. Even better?? The second pair was half price. I was a total sucker for that deal! When you find something you love and will wear to death, I swear by buying it in multiples.

Gosh this has been quite the materialistic happy list. I feel a bit guilty for appearing to be so superficial but maybe it was a week for retail therapy!! Might have to take it easy until my next pay haha.

Other stuff that’s made me happy…

  • The Little Mister meeting a sausage dog for the first time. He was so confused. Hilarious.
  • A funny little Santa song the Little Mister learned at day care, complete with hand gestures.
  • Mr Unprepared humouring me through a rough bout of PMS and keeping me company at the doctor’s.
  • Mr Unprepared nailing the arrangement of cushions on the couch. I can’t even begin to tell you. He’s really getting some skills.
  • Thinking of charity for this Christmas.
  • Planning fun things to do with my Tassie mate Alice next weekend – how excitement!!

What’s on your happy list this week? x


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  1. What a nice list! I agree with the tip for buying for the hubby. I really like the way you write, it’s just like a pleasant conversation.

  2. Love, love, love reading your happy list. Makes us happy too. That couch looks very comfy and very stylish. Finding your own style is exciting. We are the same with the “that will do” approach but have been trying to find our own style for our homes lately too. Problem is, we are spoilt for choice and don’t know which style to choose.


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