Taking Stock: July 2017

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Wow. It’s July already. Happy new financial year? Oh gawd, this means I have to get my tax shit together soonish! Although, admittedly I am not as scared as I was last year, because a kind and strange accountant who insisted on telling me all about some Korean movie he watched once – just because I was born there – sorted me out and I became a fully fledged, all caught up grown up. Well, with my tax anyhow. Baby steps haha.

Wow, how did I end up writing a whole paragraph about tax? I think there’s something wrong with me.

Anyway, you probably know the drill, but every couple of months I like to ‘take stock’ of where I’m at in an exact moment in time. I get to see all of the things that change and some of the things that stay the same. I see what phases I go through and I get to remember silly things I would not have otherwise written down or committed to memory. You should give it a go! I was inspired by Pip at the Meet Me At Mike’s blog.

So, to the 5 people who actually read this – thank you and enjoy!

Making: a lot of snot. I’ve got a stupid cold. I think I am slowly on the mend but I look forward to kicking its butt completely! I swear I wrote this last time too!

Cooking: little square puff pastry base pizzas for dinner tonight, I think! They’re easy and yummy and a big hit with both husband and child. They are best enjoyed with red wine (for the adults that is) on a weekend night while watching the footy.

Drinking: a lot of pure orange juice. Trying to get that Vitamin C! If I can’t get it freshly squeezed (haha I never get it freshly squeezed because I’m lazy), then I buy that Nudie nothing but oranges stuff.

Reading: my favourite blogs again. I’ve kind of not had the energy/blog related mojo lately and I was a bit bummed that I wasn’t catching up. I’m STILL reading The Fifth Letter by Nicola Moriarty. I’ll probably be reading it until the end of time.

Wanting: to recover from this cold in time for a new week to start. I’m excited to do fun things over the school holidays and I do not want to feel gross anymore!

Looking: out the window of my office at the very grey, rainy sky.

Playing: stupid thoughts in my head at 3:30am over and over from that time in 2014 where I screwed something up or that one conversation didn’t sit well with me has become a thing lately. I think it’s because my cold wakes me up and then my brain switches on. ANNOYING!

Deciding: on when to pop out to the local supermarket for a couple of supplies. Do I go just before lunch or do I go later just before it’s time to make dinner? Asking all the big questions here!

Wishing: for everything to turn out OK. Generally!

Enjoying: a little lie in this morning when I really needed it was bliss!

Waiting: for Monday because we’re taking the Little Mister to see Despicable Me 3 and I think I want to watch it more than anyone else in my family does 😂 Also, going to the movies with the Little Mister is always fun, but DAMN he can put away the popcorn!

Liking: the fact that my blog seems to be back to normal. Could do with a tiny bit more fine tuning, but after all the technical difficulties of late, it’s nice to settle back into this space again! I’m also glad that I’m getting a little of my writing mojo back too. I got a bit disillusioned when I lost a bunch of drafted content recently. It was my fault but it was not fun to see all that work go to waste!

Wondering: if Beyonce’s twins are indeed called Rumi and Sir, as rumours would suggest? Sir! That’s interesting!


Loving: my family. Always.

Considering: the feelings of others when it comes to fertility/children related topics has become more and more important to me as time has gone on. I feel like we never know another person’s whole story and we need to think before we speak.

Buying: a nice big comforter from Kmart next time I’m there – specifically for epic winter couch snuggling. And because I’ll be going to Kmart, you know I’ll buy about five other things that I didn’t know I needed too.

Watching: Masterchef at dinner time with the fam each night has been lovely. I love when there’s a show I can feel completely comfortable watching with the Little Mister, that the adults can actually enjoy too! 

Hoping: the rain we’re having will continue to keep our anxious dog calm. I think it’s like white noise for her. I never have to worry about her losing the plot barking at everything when the weather is like this.

Marvelling: at how the Little Mister has been growing and learning lately.

Cringing: at the fact that Mr Unprepared (aged 34) is obsessed with AM radio – even when the footy isn’t on. Right now he’s listening to a segment on gardening while he works on his car. We don’t even have much of a garden. WTF. In the past he’s even admitted to calling into TALKBACK. HOLY HELL. I’m scared of what he’ll be like in 40 years.

Needing: for the Little Mister to stop being such a hoarder. It makes life painful when I need to cull!

Questioning: why I don’t own more long, comfy pants for lounging about in.

Smelling: grease and brake fluid because Mr Unprepared is working on his car and every time he pops his head into the house to ask me to do something, I cop a waft of it.

Wearing: a wonderfully ratty hoodie with a slightly mismatched skirt. Dashing!

Following: some celebrities online who have been open about their struggles with fertility/secondary infertility. I also bookmark great blog posts by ‘ordinary’ people who say the things I wish I could express SO WELL. These public declarations of what the experience is like really inspire me and make me feel like I’m not alone and there are so many people out there who get it.

Noticing: that it’s probably time to do a little clean up of my desk. There’s stuff I can pack away.

Knowing: what I’m having for dinner from the moment I wake up in the morning is always so calming. My life revolves around knowing what I’m going to eat haha.

Thinking: non stop. Hello, have you met me?

Admiring: mother nature.

Sorting: through the spare room slowly. Stuff to cull and stuff to move back into my office.

Getting: a little more energy and motivation back each day. June was a long and busy month.

Coveting: that new iPad Pro they keep advertising. I know I will not get one in the near future by any stretch of the imagination, but one day maybe I will be able to afford one when the newer, cooler thing is out haha.

Disliking: the fact that I keep falling asleep too early at night.

Opening: my spam email folder recently was fun. So much catfish and scam stuff. I didn’t open any (you’ll be pleased to know) but some of the subject headings were very amusing and not even mildly convincing!

Giggling: is something the Little Mister does whenever he watches something funny on TV and it makes me happy. It’s cool that as he gets a bit older, he understands so much more of the humour and storylines than before.

Feeling: cold. It’s so cold!
Snacking: has not occurred for me yet today. I am trying to behave!

Helping: Mr Unprepared to bleed the brakes on his car is about as exciting as it sounds. It’s always my job. I can’t wait until the Little Mister is big enough to do it!

Hearing: the rain. I like it. Because I’m in my house.

What have you been up to lately? Do you like to take stock?

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