Some thoughts for the week.

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So, it’s Monday again! It just keeps on coming back around faster and faster these days! I’m exhausted! I’m trying to muster up my energy and positivity for the week, as I have been doing for a little while (here and here so far). I find it gets me out of that Monday-itis funk 🙂



I’m struggling with the ability to forgive in a particular situation – not so much for the other person’s sake, but for my own sanity. I don’t ever want to be an uptight, burnt out person with a chip on their shoulder. I want to choose love and positivity. I believe that is the way to live a great life. I’ve been through a lot more than people probably realise and I just want to be stronger every day. I don’t want the challenges I’ve faced to forever change me for the worst.


Sometimes it’s easy to get dragged into a competitive approach to life and the people around us. That’s great when it comes to getting that promotion at work or if you’re running a race, but sometimes it’s easy to try to find comfort in being better than somebody else. Having someone to look down on. That is a lazy approach to life and I think we should be competing with no-one but ourselves. Being our personal best. I wonder how I can better myself this week?


This idea of mindfulness is so important in my life. Especially now that I have the Little Mister running about. I may be tired, but I don’t want to go through the motions of a day, like a zombie, without being aware of each moment. I want to make my decisions (even the really little ones) with greater consciousness. I want to look back on a day, week or month and know that I drank in every moment I was supposed to.


I chucked this one in, because today I am very very tempted to eat naughty, fat filled food for lunch. I am fighting the urge, because I know it’s just a reaction to being tired and feeling like I want to comfort and reward myself with food. Wrong reasons, y’all! I must stay strong!! Hopefully I will find the energy to work out later too, but I’ll just start with being mindful of the calories I’m ingesting first – see how I go! Just ignore the fact that this girl appears to have no pants on and is groping herself…


This is a big part of the way I think about social justice (and in my own day to day situations). Some of us need more help in life to get an opportunity to live a better life. People might whine about how all slices of a metaphorical pie must be absolutely equal, but what if one of us is of a healthy weight and lives a fortunate life, but the person next to us is malnourished and stick thin? We need to redefine our definitions of what is fair and equitable for this to be a better world. Also, now I’m thinking about pie. So I’d better stop right here haha.

I hope you all have a wonderful week xo

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