(Part of) A day in the life with a 2 and a bit year old.

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The Little Mister is 2 years and 4 months old. Already. That’s 28 months old for those who are good at maths (you don’t want to know how absurdly long it took for me to actually add that up in my head – TIRED).

You saw my post on a day in the life of having an almost 2 year old, but now for posterity’s sake (like a snap shot in time to look back on), I feel it’s time for a new instalment.

I was…

…woken when Mr Unprepared got out of bed early in the morning to get ready and leave for work. The sound of the shower also woke the Little Mister from the other end of the house. Luckily, the Little Mister went back to sleep but I knew I was doomed. I thought that on the bright side, I could spend some quiet time catching up on blogs and lounging about in bed for another couple of hours. That precious alone time that seems so fleeting these days. About five minutes into enjoying my favourite blogs, my tummy felt all crampy and uncomfortable. Turned out I’d strained my stomach muscles (this has happened once before) after a massive day wrangling the Little Mister yesterday. Sometimes I just can’t take it. Everyone looks at me and wonders how I lift him so many times a day (he’s big for his age and I’m small for mine haha). While I’m proud of being pretty strong these days, it turns out I have my limits.

Long story short, my so called early morning leisure time turned into toilet time. I will not say any more on the matter, other than it was NOT relaxing and I felt gross.

First thing…

…in the morning, the Little Mister started chanting “Van? Trip! Van! Trip! Pwease!”

Puzzled, I asked, “Huh? Did you say you want to go on a trip in the camper van?”

The poor kid then thought I was offering and jumped up and down on the spot in excitement, thinking we would just pick up and go on a camping holiday right then and there.

I let him down gently and he seemed to accept that we were not indeed embarking on a mid week holiday by ourselves, with no preparation whatsoever. Crisis averted.


…the Little Mister had a potty emergency which required me running with him out of the play room and towards his potty. I was in such a rush with him that I stepped on the one small piece of Lego out of his whole big Duplo collection. Yep. The one small piece out of hundreds of big (not so hurty) blocks. OWWWWWW. Am I a part of the club now? I feel like I’m a real parent now. Did I mention I was also on the phone to my mum at the time and a tiny little drip of wee got on my shorts and I was in such a rush to get started with the day that I Febrezed it because ain’t nobody got time to go get changed?? This is real talk. Seriously.

We started to make some headway towards leaving the house for the grocery shop and pharmacy, when the Little Mister then asked for yoghurt about 50 times and broke into the lounge room and snuck a handful of my secret stash of M+Ms from a party favours bag I’d acquired on the weekend. Y’know, after not wanting breakfast.


..we were finally ready to head to the shops for reals, the Little Mister refused to go with me, insisting that he ‘drive’ his little red bubble car there. And no, we don’t live within walking distance, so it’s not something we’ve ever done either. He just thought it was possible. I had to get in the car by myself (in the garage) and wait for him. He got the idea… eventually.

This was all before 9:30am.

After this, the day continued with me trying to teach the Little Mister how to say dump truck (“Dumb F—“) and hitting my head on the dryer about 4 times in the same place (explains my slow brain) while trying to clean various potty training paraphernalia throughout the day. I might have said ‘dump truck’ to myself a few times.

I also spent the day deciding whether or not to respond when the Little Mister yelled, “POTTY! POTTY! QUICK! QUICK!” in a sneaky attempt to get my attention when he did not indeed need the potty quickly (or at all).

Update: Immediately after I hit ‘publish’ on this post, the Little Mister found the soap I’d bought and unwrapped each bar like a kid at Christmas. Mr Unprepared found him with one in each hand looking gleeful, announcing, “Two soaps!”

And tomorrow we’ll probably do it all again! Life is definitely not boring with a 2 and a bit year old in the house!

How was your day?

5 thoughts on “(Part of) A day in the life with a 2 and a bit year old.”

    • Hahaha – definitely exhausting. I was on the phone yesterday to my mum and was told, “Stop talking.”
      We’ve entered the bossy stage (and I figure there’s only the rest of our lives to go haha)!

  1. Love!! My son is exactly 2yr 3mo and every day is basically an intensive training exercise in how much slower i am (mentally and physically) than this person who has barely graced our earth for 27 months. He’s out thinking me on a daily basis and I’m scared. That’s why he’s gone to granny’s for the weekend. I’ve given her little advanced warning about his wily ways so I’m interested to see how frazzled she is come Monday. Good luck with that van trip though. I think the most fun thing abut 2yr old is how they grasp on to things and NEVER let go. 🙂


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