Kez Gets Physical: The day after leg day.

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This past weekend I received a twitter DM from a friend who we’ll call ‘Alice’ for the purpose of this blog post (and because that’s her real name). It was a link to a YouTube video, with the accompanying words, “Try this…”

It was late in the afternoon (on a long weekend Monday) and I had just returned home from a pub lunch (it was pork belly thank you very much) and I felt very lazy. I hadn’t even cracked 5000 steps for the day. But I clicked the link anyway.

Uh oh. At first glance I could see it was a work out video. Set specifically to a Katy Perry song. OK, I thought. This is interesting. We all know how I like a good work out with music.

And then I clicked the play button.

Now there’s something you need to know about me: when I try something new, I like to dive right in – hard.

So before I could talk myself out of it, I’d made a space for myself in the living room and got the video playing on the TV. It’s just three minutes, I told myself. The moves all look pretty easy. Why not?

They were not easy. When I really looked at this guy in the red shorts, I realised just how low his squats were. How low he got while he lunged. And those Superman jumps (like a burpee but without the push up)? They look so innocuous but OW. I felt the burn. I also felt very out of shape!

I managed a couple of sets before I collapsed onto the couch.

The next day was the dreaded ‘day after leg day’. I woke up restless after trying to get comfortable all night (much to the bemusement of Mr Unprepared). I felt wobbly all morning as I tried to totter about town in my wedge heeled booties. I may or may not have been relieved to need a shopping trolley (aka Kez’s makeshift zimmer frame). I felt like a newborn giraffe (but without the beautiful long neck or limbs – shut up).


I remembered that simple things like driving involve more muscle use in your legs than you think. I got home and set about de-cluttering and performing a mini make over of the Little Mister’s play room (where his toys and his little activity table are). It involved a lot of bending, lifting, and getting close to the floor but I  put on some motivational music and soldiered on. What a trooper. It took me hours, but I loved the end result (and so did the Little Mister).

After that, I decided I needed another 3000 steps to reach my daily minimum of 10,000 steps. So I put on my new favourite show Married At First Sight and got walking on the treadmill. I took it easy, just strolling at 4 kilometres an hour. No biggie.

Until the evening came. I had to do stuff like get up and down from the dinner table, go to the toilet and you know, just exist. I gave up and watched House Rules in bed (which you know is on fairly early in the evening). Mr Unprepared laughed at me sprawled out on my back in my fluffy dressing gown, wearing my glasses and making old person groaning noises every time I moved.

How embarrassment. I hardly did anything and I was wrecked!

But I’m glad. Because it means I know how much work I need to do to make my legs stronger. It gives me motivation to keep going. And I admit I did feel a little good to be able to feel the evidence that I did some exercise. Only people who give it a try get to whinge about the day after leg day 😉

I have simple goals. Like being able to wear shorts without my thighs eating them up when I walk. You know. Stuff like that.

What are your simple fitness/weight loss goals? Do you totally know what I mean about ‘day after leg day’ days? Any funny stories? 

Wanna try the work out for yourself (which he suggests is just a pre and post leg work out exercise because WTF? IS THAT NOT ENOUGH)? Here it is:


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