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Kez Gets Physical 2019: Week 8.

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I can’t believe we’re coming into the home stretch of me recording my efforts to live healthier than when I started this thing.

(for more details on what the eff I’m doing click here)

Week 8 was hard, but it was really interesting and a reminder to me about why self care (physically and mentally) is so important.

Here are some notable things about week 8…

In total so far, I’ve lost 2.7kg

I am honestly OK with the fact that it’s not a huge amount on the scales. Could I have worked harder? Yes. But in the big scheme of things, I also gained some muscle. I have some lifestyle challenges (one being fitting life around a 20 month old) and I have tried to balance rest with being active. I haven’t completely deprived myself of certain ‘treat’ foods. I’ve shifted weight I was scared I wouldn’t shift. I have a fair way to go, but for now at this stage of my life, really slow but steady losses are OK with me. In time I will be able to increase my exercise and refine my diet more. My time and my independence will increase bit by bit.

It was a stressful week


I’ve really been listening to my body and it’s been telling me, GIRL YOU NEED TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN AND LOOK AFTER YOURSELF.

An unnecessary drama was created in our lives and it triggered my anxiety big time. When I wasn’t plagued with stressed out thoughts that were hard to put aside, I was feeling that awful physical stress anxiety brings when it’s hovering around.

People who think stress doesn’t affect your health are cray cray. My resting heart rate rocketed up (still good for most people but high for me), my physical coordination was pathetic because I struggled to stay present, my metabolism was affected, my cognitive abilities weren’t the sharpest (I once drove off to the shops leaving the garage door and the door to the house wide open so when my husband arrived home he thought something bad had happened to us – oops). It affects sleep quality. It wasn’t pretty.

That situation has been somewhat resolved now (not really but at least I’m starting to feel calmer and ready to just accept certain things and move forward) but I know I have had to add some daily inconveniences to my plate which will accumulate and become quite exhausting (don’t get me started) so I will have to really dig deep to get myself through the next couple of weeks before school holidays.

Healthy coping mechanisms, come at me!

I only worked out once

I went to the gym once. The rest of my week was filled with meetings, a special school assembly for the Little Mister, errands that could not be put off, important family time and meeting my bestie’s little baby. While it could be argued that my self care should come first and where there’s a will, there’s a way, I also believe that personal relationships sometimes need to be prioritised. This year has been a clusterfuck of those moments and while a lot of them have been beautiful moments and important moments, it does seem to have been a crazier than usual time. I know balance will be restored and that I’ll have to be the one to work hard to make it happen. I will get there. As long as I never give up, that’s what matters.

Hopefully I got some incidental exercise in. Running around on my parents’ 5 acre block after the Little Miss, doing sit ups with the Little Miss in my lap because it makes her laugh, walking fast around the shops. Always being on the go, generally. I do hope the next week is better, though.

I would love more activewear

I think that everything about living healthy is about preparation. Having good food choices on hand, having the things you need to make it easier. One thing I’m noticing a lot is that I do not feel like I have enough activewear. The stuff I have (with the exception of my gorgeous new Active Truth top and tights) is getting really worn out and my dream is to have at least 5 outfits all ready to go at any time. Of course that stuff costs some money so I will have to be patient (we have bills and a holiday coming up) but it’s something that I’m putting on my priority list. I’ve found it difficult to get going when I’m constantly washing the couple of good items I have and all my other stuff is very not practical for exercise. It’s not impossible, but it’s just irritating and inconvenient.

In 8 weeks, I have only had 1 packet of my favourite Red Rock Deli potato chips.


You have to understand what a big deal that is haha. I do miss them but I also really don’t. As bloody delicious as they are, I know they’re not that good for me so I haven’t been motivated to buy them. I’m as amazed as you are. I think it’s little changes like this that make the biggest difference. I have other areas of weakness that need improving but not drinking sugar and wasting calories has also been something I’ve been conscious of. I also know when I’ve eaten too much or when I’ve eaten too much of the ‘wrong’ thing. I don’t feel as good and I don’t like that feeling. I think that prior to this term, I had become numb to that stuff and felt a bit out of control. Now I can tell when my food choices have affected me negatively because they’re not the norm for me anymore.

That saying that you can’t outrun a bad diet (in terms of weight loss) is so true and it’s been exciting over the past few weeks to see glimpses of finally watching my exercise pay off. That must mean my diet has improved overall! Now my big challenge is staying motivated (and making the time) to keep the exercise up.

How was your week?

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