Kez Gets Physical 2019: Week 6

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I can’t believe I’m 6 weeks deep into this and over halfway through a crazy intense school term!

Here are some notable things about Week 6…

I broke through my weight loss plateau.

It was really exciting to drop another half a kilo this week (to make a total of 2.4kg lost) after not shifting weight the week before. I also watched my body fat percentage drop further. I probably could have worked a bit harder on eating well, but it’s been good to learn my limits and what works for me.

I think that mixing up my exercise a bit by adding a work out from the C25K app helped. I did it on the treadmill which made it a bit boring and I hated it while I was doing it, but I felt really good afterwards and I was so happy at how well I did compared to the last time I tried it years ago – when getting through the first work out was really hard and I thought I was going to spew!

Illness was a tough blow.

The second half of the week was a bit rough as my husband and I got sick with colds. I was not able to exercise and eating was inconsistent because sometimes I was absolutely bloated and had no appetite (I don’t want to get gross with you but I think I unwittingly swallow a lot of mucous/phlegm in my sleep – never been a cough it up kinda gal) and at other times I was ravenous because I realised I hadn’t eaten properly.

I didn’t feel as on top of things and the amazing progress I’d made with exercise the weeks before had to go on hold.

There were moments when I would have loved to just go for a gentle walk but the weather was not great. As a result my step count was quite low too. Never mind. Shit happens! I’m learning that you just get through it, shake it off and get back to it. It’s not a reason to beat myself up or give up.

I’ve learned that Saturday mornings are a good time to do a home work out.

It is definitely harder to work out at home, but for me it’s necessary (especially if the weather isn’t great for walking or jogging etc). On those mornings, Mr Unprepared is out riding his bike, the Little Mister is around and this makes the Little Miss happy (and therefore easier to entertain). Also, if I haven’t completed a work out by the time Mr Unprepared gets home, he feels extra compelled to help me out with the kids because after all, he did just enjoy a few hours of child free exercise time!

I hate to admit it, but meditation helps me to de-stress.

This whole Kez Gets Physical mission is not just about my physical health but my mental health as well. I have always avoided meditation because it can seem a bit annoying or airy fairy. Also, I always tell myself I have other stuff to do. Lately, Mr Unprepared and I have been doing some relaxation stuff (on the Les Mills On Demand app – who knew they offer that too? Not sponsored – just impressed) when the kids are in bed for the night. It takes about 15 minutes and it’s all very simple and about breathing and counting breaths. I can go from frazzled, mental “go on – fight me” mama to mellow and ready for a peaceful evening mama. It’s amazing. All because I literally took some deep breaths. I’ve started to put that kind of breathing into practice throughout the day too when I feel myself spinning out.

Yes, Mum. It works. I admit it. Shut up.

Also, when I am more relaxed, I lose more weight, I feel lighter physically and probably sleep better.

I need to drink more water.

This is a big thing with me. I forget to be the most gloriously hydrated bitch. I realised that this week I drank a lot less water than the week before and I was not impressed with myself (I think that’s why I had some headaches at the beginning of the week). I will work on it for the next week!

How was your week?

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