Kez Gets Physical 2019: Week 4.

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I can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks already!

Here are some of the notable things about my week:

I wasn’t perfect!


Let’s just be real here for a minute haha. I usually give myself one ‘treat’ meal a week. Usually something gross and greasy. Old habits die hard: also, life is short! Sure, you don’t want to make it shorter (haha) but there’s no fun in depriving yourself completely of everything. If there’s cake for a birthday, I’ll eat cake!

This week I did both a couple of times! I ate my feelings one of those times.

BUT…I kept working out and I kept tabs on myself and I felt in control and with some of my cravings satisfied, I stopped obsessing.

I only lost 100g but I lost body fat.

I was not surprised that I didn’t lose more weight (read reasons above), but I was SO excited to notice my body fat % steadily dropping all week! I haven’t taken my measurements (I’m too lazy haha) but I reckon I’ve lost some centimetres. Particularly around my waist! I was exploding out of my jeans and having to suck myself in a bit. Now I fit in them perfectly.

I think my arms look stronger too.

I do need to become more lean but that will come in time and I will work harder than I did this week. It’s all about consistency and preparation!

I worked out 4 times.

I had a rest day on Monday but I went to the gym twice (Body Combat) and worked out at home twice.

I signed up for a free trial with the Les Mills on Demand app and then loved it so much that I will probably cancel some other subscriptions so I can keep it.

My home work outs are not as intense as at the gym but they are easy to access, better than nothing and they allow me to make my non gym days really flexible (I can feel quite limited by the Little Miss’ nap schedules etc).

I didn’t quite match my step count from last week.

I was definitely always on the move but I only got 54,484 steps in! I think it was increased car time that did it! I had some car troubles which meant a lot of back and forth swapping cars, towing a car, and collecting a car to use while mine is out of action! I was actually 30 seconds into what would have been my fifth work out for the week when my husband called to let me know about the breakdown!! Oh well!

Overall, I made progress this week. I slowed it down a little at times and at other moments, life made it difficult, but I am starting to feel like it’s my lifestyle as opposed to some special diet or short term challenge and I think that’s really what I was wanting to achieve.

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