Kez Gets Physical 2019: Week 1.

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This week was the first week of the 3rd school term of the year. I am thankful that it wasn’t as chaotic as I predicted it would be!

The Little Mister didn’t start school until the Wednesday, so I didn’t really begin my new healthier living plan until then. I felt like launching into new/better habits that day would be easier because I’d feel like there was a bit more structure and routine, which would help me to not fail before I’d even started!

I had found myself to be psychologically preparing for the whole week before that. I think I’d needed the time to talk myself out of excuses and talk myself into making better choices. I needed to be ready.

Here’s how the week (or half a week this time) went…

I made sure I had healthy food on hand.

I have learned that preparation is key. It can be much harder to overhaul your eating habits if you don’t have enough healthy food ready at home. It can be too tempting to eat things that aren’t so healthy or to order takeout or to buy things last minute that you really could go without.

I did a big Coles order to pick up the day before school went back and it gave me a lot of confidence that I could maintain a healthy diet this week. I had stuff for salads, some snacks, and ways to modify family dinners to suit my needs (while still allowing the rest of my family to eat the way they prefer/need to for their own nourishment and fuel).

I also had to talk to my husband about what he purchases. While I don’t want to be militant about what everyone else eats, there are certain items that just cannot be in my house because the temptation is too great for me! I don’t need that torture right now haha. I also had to let him know that if I say we need spinach or other greens etc that he cannot skimp because he cannot see how we would possibly get through them all. Because I will. And I need the fuel. In the past I’ve been caught out with that and then it’s been harder to stay on track.

I had to put myself first and it was hard but important.

There were a couple of occasions where I really had to assert myself and put my foot down in order to work towards my healthy goals.

I struggled at my first (and only) gym session for the week. I had known for a while that my shoes were just not cutting it but I’d been procrastinating in buying new ones. Partly because I felt like the cost would bite into our household finances a lot when we’re saving for a family holiday (first world problems much?) and partly because I kept putting off a trip to the shops to take the time to try new shoes on. I would say to myself that I was too tired or I’d prioritise other things for the sakes of my other family members.

This time, I knew I could not continue without spending the time and the money. My shoes were purchased not long after the Little Miss was born and I think my feet have changed since. They were slipping off a bit at the back when I tried to do burpees and bear crawls, so I’d compensate by tying my laces tighter. Then because the laces were so tight, I was getting more pain in the arches of my feet. Terrible, I know.

Also, I’d changed the type of exercise I was doing since I bought the shoes. I wasn’t just walking or jogging anymore. I was doing Body Combat and Strong by Zumba. I needed shoes that fit and support me better for what I am doing now.

I bought some new shoes and tried them out over the weekend. The pain still needs a bit of management (I got some great advice from my gym instructor) but it passed a lot quicker and I felt so much more confident in my movements.

Sunday was a lovely day and the sun was shining. It was tempting to just sit outside on the lawn with the kids for hours, but I had committed myself to doing a home work out on YouTube (I’m not quite at that proficiency where I can just do a spontaneous outdoor work out yet)! I wanted to do it not only to tick off an exercise session for the week but I also wanted it to be in a similar style to what I do at the gym so I could see how my feet really felt now.

My husband was a little unsure. He had a few things he wanted to do in the front yard and the kids needed supervising (I’d made sure they had lots of play time in the sunshine already). He kind of tried to dissuade me but I had to stick to my guns. I told him that this is exactly how I keep letting myself go. Because I put the kids and what he wants to do (as helpful as it may be for the household) first all the time. He had achieved some good things (mowing the lawns etc) and now it was important I worked on myself. He would have to compromise. I should clarify he didn’t put up a fight or anything – it was just up to me to be clear with what I needed and stick to it. I have a feeling a lot of mums/wives struggle with this at times. If you’re lacking confidence or motivation, it can be too easy to be talked out of things.

Working out with a toddler around is not always cute!

We’ve all seen those cute online videos of mums doing a home work out, while their adorable toddler mills around and climbs on top of them, becoming a wonderful weigh lifting resource.

It is not always that fun. It is also why I joined the gym earlier this year! However, I realise that twice a week at the gym may not be enough for me right now and there will be times where the reality of being a parent will at times sabotage my plans to get to the gym at all. I needed to be prepared to work out at home again as well (even if the weather isn’t great and I can’t go walking with the Little Miss).

I bit the bullet and did some exercise while the Little Miss grabbed at me, got in the way several times and screeched at me for food even though her father was in the same room and just as capable of feeding her something.

It wasn’t colour coordinated, my house did not look cute with the furniture all pushed around. It was not the best work out. But I pushed through and did it.

Yes, there were a couple of cute moments (the Little Miss trying to copy me) but overall it was not easy!

I did not regret it one bit, though. Something is always better than nothing!

Although, if my husband could please spend a little less time perving and bit more time moving the Little Miss out of the way, that would be greeeeeat.

I lost 0.9 kg but I put on body fat (0.2%).

The first week/s of moving more and eating differently can be a bit weird! I think that what I achieved in this area was good considering I started on the Wednesday. Hopefully my body will adjust as I get into a routine.

I had a step count of 42,363 for the past 7 days.

My goal is 70,000 per week so I have a lot of improvement to make in that area. I’ll get closer to my goal over time, I’m sure.

Overall, I think I’m making good progress (especially psychologically). I don’t need fast results, but I need lasting habits and routines. I found that I wasn’t actually as bummed about eating healthily as I thought I might be – such a relief! Getting started can be most of the battle for me, I think.

See you next week!

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