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So I’m totally feeling the Monday blues. Often each weekday blurs into another when you’re a 24/7 parent, but occasionally, I feel overwhelmed by the beginning of a new week, rather than excited and motivated. So as I always do when I feel a bit crazy, the Little Mister is teething, the ‘nap’ thing just isn’t happening (for either of us) and plans just aren’t shaping up well (usually resulting in stir craziness or mummy guilts), I need to find myself some inspiration to turn my Monday into a good day.

Gotta start the week off right, don’t you think?


I’ve got to be mentally strong in this crazy stay at home mum job. Have to hold on when things get tedious or screechy. I have to find it in me to push on and be positive about it. I need to be proud of the things I do. I don’t want to be a big, snotty mess when my husband gets home from work. I want to remember I’m awesome and I’m totally kicking arse.


I need to realise it’s OK when things don’t go to plan. Sometimes you just have to improvise or ride out the hiccups in life. I have to remember to just tap into my creative side and make something work for us. It’s not the end of the world! No need to feel guilty!


When I feel stuck in a rut and I get all, “Why is life not like the life I want? Why am I not living up to who I want to be?” I have to have an action plan. Not just a wishlist. I need to get moving and make things happen. It’s the only way to get out of that stale headspace. Make my environment nicer, show someone that I really care about them, make plans for the Little Mister that will make both of us feel good.


I must remember that even if I can’t get things happening as quickly or as smoothly as I would like, progress is progress and as long as I make the best of my opportunities, I shouldn’t give myself a hard time.


This last one has a very personal meaning for me – I’m working on it every day.

What is inspiring you this week?

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