In the summer time, when the weather is fine.

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It’s finally happened. The weather has changed for the season. It is no longer winter or that frustrating first month of spring where the weather has no idea what it’s doing and no-one knows what to wear or what to do with themselves. It’s that time where I can look at the weather forecast without sighing or groaning, because my “outside of the house” plans have to be changed constantly. Nothing makes me happier than seeing all of those little cartoon like suns staring back at me from my nerdy weather app.

So what’s getting me excited?

Exercise (and hopefully weight loss).

I’ll just say it: I am not a gym person. If I didn’t have to worry about the Little Mister, I’d probably go to a bunch of Zumba classes on the regular, but you won’t find me staring at gym equipment all confused and embarrassed in a gym any time soon (because that’s basically what I would do). Also, it’s a known fact that staring at exercise machines doesn’t actually make you fit, FYI. So I like to build on incidental exercise and get out and about. I’ve started walking more (not as much as I’d like yet but we’re getting there) and eating a little less. There’s something about better weather that stops me from reaching for the comfort food as often as I do in the winter.

I’m a bit obsessed with my new gadget: the famous Fitbit I keep going on about on Twitter. It tracks just about everything fitness and food wise, which is keeping me very motivated. I’m learning lots of cool things the more I use it. Turns out, frantically shopping for dresses which don’t fit (in the knowledge that your husband is wandering aimlessly around the shopping centre trying to entertain the Little Mister) is a ridiculously good work out. I think I should do it more! Maybe eventually the dresses will actually fit me haha 😉

I’ve given myself a goal. I want to lose around 8kg total by some time next February (so far I’ve achieved about 11% of my goal which isn’t much but when you name it as a percentage it sounds really impressive), but I’d be happy to even just lose a couple by the time we have a family wedding to attend just after Christmas! I want to feel physically comfortable, but if I’m truly honest, I also just want to put on a dress without looking in the mirror, feeling bloated and blah. Not to mention my constant paranoia about starting accidental pregnancy rumours – NO! I JUST HAD LUNCH! I really love the party atmosphere that comes with summer, and I want to look my best in a summer dress. Although, I’m not that brave about bathing suits yet.

I love the endorphin rush I get from being out and about more. It really does help my sanity. I’d almost forgotten what that felt like.

More ways to entertain the Little Mister.

I admit, in the winter I get really bored and stir crazy. It’s not so easy to think, “F*ck it – get your sh*t together. We’re going to the park/beach/backyard.” when your toddler is being a little monster. Those little moments are priceless sometimes. Although, you can’t always win. Either the slides at the park are wet (hopefully from rain…), or they’re too hot in the sun! But I’m trying to be positive here 😉

I love that the Little Mister is a November baby because it always feels a bit festive when his birthday rolls around. The weather is nice and everyone’s gearing up for Christmas and fun times.

This year we’re getting him a whole bunch of outdoorsy gifts and I’m so excited for him. He loves being outside and I love that about him!




I am a bit of a Christmas nerd. Not the super organised kind who has all their gifts purchased by July, but the Christmas spirit kind. I love the fact that I have a little one to build memories with and I love spending time with my family, giving gifts and finding ways to show we care and appreciate them all year round. I like looking for embarrassing outfits for the Little Mister (while he’s still young enough for me to get away with it), showing him Christmas decorations and singing the songs with him. Sure, the songs usually sh*t me to tears, but I’ll do anything to give him those memories. Because I’m a sentimental old(ish) bat now.

Christmas planning does not come without its stresses. We’re usually running around between my parents’ place and the inlaws’. My best laid plans to shop way ahead of time, never seem to materialise (despite me thinking of gift ideas all year). Some people don’t feel the spirit in the same way the Unprepared Household does. But we do it anyway and it’s always so worth it.

I feel like the holiday period starts with Christmas and ends with Australia day (late January). It’s a time for family and friends.


Yep. The first experience didn’t scare us enough, so we’re doing it again! This time, we’ll be taking a camper trailer (the type with the pull out ends)! We’re purchasing it from my parents (they’re upgrading) and while it’s a little weird for me (I was the Little Mister’s age when my parents bought it), it’s such a bargain because I know the love and work that has gone into maintaining it over the years. It will help us to contain the Little Mister better and has everything you need in it (fridge, stove top etc).

Not to mention, no blow up mattress! YES!!!

I have such amazing childhood memories of camping each summer with my family and friends. I love the idea of doing the same for the Little Mister.

Early morning sunshine.


I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes I curse it when the Little Mister wakes too early, but it makes me feel better rested (as much as a parent can be) and ready to start the day – much more than a wet, windy, gloomy morning makes me feel! I am that dork who will be driving down the road with a massive grin on my face, just because it’s summer and I’m alive. I can’t help it. Told you. Sentimental (29 year) old bat.

I also love:

  • a cider on a relaxed, sunny Sunday afternoon
  • wearing thongs (flip flops) to the shops without feeling like a total bogan
  • spectacular sunsets
  • tropical cocktails (vodka based of course)
  • the bright colours of clothing, nature and beachy decor
  • good friends returning to our hometown from far and wide
  • eating al fresco
  • mellow evenings
  • pretending I’m any good at water sports



What do you love about summer?

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