In my cup: Some gratitude.

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I’ve decided to take part in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge (click the link for all the information you might need if you’d like to take part too) for the month of September. I’m also going to use the daily prompts to inspire me to blog more! I’ll let you know each time I write a new post, by updating my Facebook page (as I do any time I update my blog – great way to not miss a thing) and you might see the pics on my Instagram too (#fmsphotoaday). 



About the photo: OK, so it’s not a cup. It’s a glass. It’s how I start my day. I know it sounds really wanky, but I don’t drink coffee to wake up in the morning. I drink water! I’d say, ‘trust me – it works’, but all the coffee drinkers I know would very strongly disagree! I’m really lucky these days, because the Little Mister plays more independently throughout the day now and it’s great for both of us. I get to spend a bit of time blogging (usually first thing in the morning – after snuggles) and not feel guilty about it!

Stuff I’m grateful for this Monday…

So, you know that saying about when someone’s cup runneth over? And the one about seeing the world as a glass half full kind of person? Well, I thought I’d go with that whole theme today and start my Monday on a positive note! Here’s the stuff that’s making me feel grateful and happy…

The first day of spring. Sure, spring never really truly kicks in on the 1st of September like clockwork, but I like what it symbolises and as I write this the sun is shining. One thing that wakes me up even better than a glass of water has to be sunshine. My moods are really easily affected by the weather. When the sun shines, I feel brighter, more alert (even when exhausted), motivated and generally happier as a person. Spring means more of that is coming! I love my Vitamin D and I love to see my world in colour.

A quiet weekend just been. After spending most of our time running around like crazy people since we got back from Korea and Japan, it was so lovely to realise that we had absolutely nothing planned for this past weekend. We got lots of time outside, ticked some stuff off our at-home to-do lists and watched the Little Mister play. We even tested out the new BBQ rotisserie thingie my uncle gifted Mr Unprepared for his birthday (and probably our Christmas come early too because damn it’s flash)! It should work a treat when we host Father’s Day next weekend! Oh, and Mr Unprepared visited Bunnings TWICE so he was pretty happy.

Fun plans for the Little Mister. I am so excited (and I’m sure he will be too when it actually sinks in) because this week, the Little Mister and I are meeting a couple of friends (one my age and one his age haha) to attend a Play School live show. I’ve been waiting his whole life for him to be old enough to enjoy these kinds of experiences. I hope he has an awesome time (although I’m sure he’ll run the both of us ragged)!

The Little Mister’s imagination. Life has become so much more heartwarming, entertaining and hilarious. The Little Mister runs an imaginary shop out of his playroom (where he chooses what you buy and changes the rules whenever he feels like it), pretends he’s going to work (because that’s where Daddy goes), wears a tea towel around his neck so he can be Superman and understands so many more things about the world around him. He’s always been pretty creative but recently he’s had a massive development spurt and it’s so much fun (most of the time). Mr Unprepared and I get so many laughs each day, when we get to see what his latest imaginary play involves.

Also, this:

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Electricity. I love electricity. It’s not until it goes out (as it did halfway through me writing this blog post) that you realise just how much you appreciate it. It allows us to have internet in our home (although it is pretty cool that you can use data on your phone so you can tweet about how annoying that power outage is), it is used so that you can do so much around your home: vacuum, washing your clothes, see stuff, watch television, stay warm or cool, bake stuff. SO MANY THINGS. I know there are some old school ways to get around a lot of these things, but I am a modern lady. Hello.

Power outages. Yes. I am grateful that the power went out. At least today, I am. Because then my mum came around for a visit. I made her a very ordinary coffee (you can all hate me even more now coffee drinkers!), which was boiled on the gas stove in a little saucepan, and in return she brought the Little Mister a cute caterpillar shaped meringue from the bakery and we had jam drop biscuits (yum). I got to show Mum the Little Mister’s almost finished big boy room makeover and it was nice to chat. There’s always a silver lining. Thanks, Nanna Unprepared!

What are you grateful for this Monday? Are you taking part in the Photo a Day challenge? x

2 thoughts on “In my cup: Some gratitude.”

  1. Finally got around to properly reading this! 🙂

    It’s nice to stop and appreciate the little things. I too noticed the sunshine & remembered it was the first day of Spring. I’m looking forward to warmer weather (just not too hot!) and picnics, sunday catch ups with friends & planning the details of our wedding.
    For me too, life is just really good at the moment, it’s so easy to get caught up when life isn’t going so great. It’s nice to stop & acknowledge that hey, life is pretty ace right now! xxx


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