I’m saving these for his 21st birthday.

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There are lots of great parents out there who decide that they will spare their children the humiliation that they endured as innocent, trusting babies. They vow never to give them dodgy haircuts (mullets, anyone?), dress them in embarrassing costumes, make them and their siblings wear home made matching tracksuits specifically for wearing on family holidays (Mum, I’m looking at you)…all of which will be photographed to death and brought out when they turn 21. Never will these wonderful parents allow their children to suffer in such a way. Such good people.


I am not one of these parents.

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I have been plotting evil deeds against my poor Little Mister. Also, I am yet to find a Mister T costume for him online that I really like.

Pic: I pity the fool!

Just in the past week, this has happened:

Pic: Panda on the move!

In my defence, I did not actually purchase this outfit myself. My friend aka sister from another mister did. Although, I may be incriminating myself a little by admitting that I did in fact enthusiastically go along with the idea prior to its purchase. I do not know what the Little Mister actually thought of this outfit himself. He just went about his usual business and eventually stopped to have a little vom on it. Hmm. Maybe that’s what he thought of it!

I am fairly sure I’m going to get in massive trouble with him for this later on, but I’m a “live in the moment” kinda gal. Or at least I’m choosing to be in light of this latest costume development.

It’s OK, though. Want to know why? Because whatever amount of trouble I get in for dressing my son up like a panda will pale in comparison to the trouble my mum will get in for this:

Yep. That’s right. My mum lovingly made my Little Mister some pants to wear around the house for winter. A nice gesture which is really helpful as he’s now crawling about and it gets cold on our floors. Some discounted fabric came up alright and will save his “good” pants from being worn out when we’re just hanging about at home.

Only thing is, my mum + leftover fabric + bit of spare time = trouble.

Sooooo… now there is photographic evidence of my son and her cat wearing matching outfits. I don’t know what that might do to your psyche if you grew up to discover this about your baby self. Guess we’ll find out! Can I just add that my mum is an empty nester who thinks it’s amusing to send me photos of her and dad posing with their cats (plural) on a Friday night? WHO GAVE THESE PEOPLE A PHONE WITH A CAMERA IN IT?!

So I told her that one day the Little Mister will be old enough to ask questions. And when he asks about the panda suit, I’m showing him the cat photo and I’m taking her down with me.

So far he’s dressed up for Christmas 2011, a friend’s wedding (tuxedo onesie – hello!), Australia Day 2012, and a host of other fun occasions.

Basically, I plan on getting the Little Mister into as many embarrassing outfits as possible before he’s old enough to understand what’s going on. That’s good parenting, right?

I dedicate this post to my mum who is turning *mumble mumble* this coming week! Happy birthday! Also, this is a good way to check if she’s really reading…love you, Mum!

5 thoughts on “I’m saving these for his 21st birthday.”

  1. Um, the main reason I started my blog was to document my kids embarrassing moments for eternity. So I give you a high five on this! Good luck on finding that Mr. T costume. It will be epic.

  2. It is our god given right to embarrass them – it’s character building! As the bus was pulling away from the school when Master20 was in grade 8 I ran up to the window with his teddy pretending he’d forgotten it 🙂 sweeeeeet. He’s absolutely chockers with character now.


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