I used to think “nesting” was a myth.


Seriously. I thought nesting was just some excuse for already crazy clean freaks/domestic goddesses to get their OCD on during pregnancy. I thought there was little to no chance that I would ever succumb to such a thing. We’re talking about a lady who thinks using a “just add water” muffin mix counts as baking (and is oddly proud of this). Someone who thinks scrapbooking and crafts are lame-o. That doing dishes is optional (or only a requirement if something’s gonna stink or there aren’t any clean forks left or visitors are coming – even then, meh). Same goes for ironing. Let’s face it, I am not by any stretch of the imagination any kind of 50s housewife. In fact, until recently I wouldn’t have even considered myself a housewife at all. I probably was more the stereotype of a slobby bloke in disguise, much to the bemusement of my domestically capable husband.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fleeting episodes of Spring Cleaning Madness or house proud moments. And I won’t let things get Hoarders/How Clean is Your House cray cray. But I’ve never really enjoyed doing housework or catering for people. Those things are just activities to keep you from catching diseases or losing all your friends.

Right? Right.

So when I entered the second trimester of pregnancy (the first one was terribly tiring and I had no appetite), boy did I start making up for lost time! I’ve been baking at least twice a week. Trying new recipes, making things *gasp* from scratch. Cooking for other people and loving it. I even have a baking ‘kit’ with all the basic ingredients I could ever need – just in case I get the urge to create something delicious! I’ve been ironing clothes I might not even wear that day! I even undertook a crafts project for my dad’s birthday present – I was so obsessed with putting together a scrapbook style photo album of Mum and Dad’s recent holiday to Bali that I spent roughly 8 hours on it one evening (in between baking cupcakes and getting the husband to and from a work function of course). I have paint colour samples adorning the nursery wall and fabric for curtains all ready to go (and by ‘go’ I mean to my mum’s house where she will inevitably end up doing all the hard sewing stuff because no matter how much I might be nesting – I will never LOVE/LIKE/BE GOOD AT sewing). I’ve even bought a couple of cute jumpsuits for the baby and I’m actually getting super clucky. What is going on?!

AND? The cupcakes I made the other day were amazingly pretty, tasty and not hard as rocks or sad looking or anything. Just so you know.

I’ve mastered home made sausage rolls, choc chip cookies, choc chip and banana muffins, banana and sultana bread, self saucing chocolate pudding and cupcakes galore. Probably not a big deal to the average super-human home chef, but a massive deal for a pleb like me!

Last week I even enjoyed shopping for a new fridge and I am excited about researching good washing machines. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I’ve started to watch (and get sucked into) Masterchef for the first time. Ever. I know.

I always hoped I would turn out like this one day (despite turning my nose up at this kind of lifestyle out of fear of becoming a mini van driving soccer mum). I mean, it’s kind of nice Getting Stuff Done. My whole attitude has changed. It kind of makes life easier! I’m sure it will all go to sh*t when the baby arrives but I like feeling Capable and Motivated and Creative when it comes to my home life. It isn’t just the place I crash in after spending most of my life out and about,  and food isn’t just something I have to convince myself to make. It’s something I like to create.

I’m still no super Domestic Goddess (you don’t want to see the state of my bathroom on a bad day), but I’m definitely a clucky little bird fluffing about in her nest 🙂

Are you a Domestic Goddess/God or a Hot Household Mess? 😉

  • I’m usually a hot household mess. I’ve perfected it. A little spill here, kick my shoes off there, add that to “I’ll get that done tomorrow” and the house is in a constant state of disarray. It’s not a pig sty, not at all, but it could be way better.
    Some days though, I’ll surprise myself. I’ll work all day, get home, make dinner, think up something for dessert, do all the dishes and tidy things away.
    It’s the tidying! Pick up after myself? Don’t be ridiculous. But even when I do have to tidy, it takes all of about half an hour!! I’m not entirely sure why I’m so opposed to the idea… >_>

    • Kez

      Haha, that sounds exactly like my usual M.O. 🙂

  • WOW! I’m super impressed. You’re like a little domestic Energizer Bunny! I actually enjoy baking but I’m always terrified that I’m going to eat the whole tray 😀 And you’re scrap-booking? That takes all kinds of creativity and patience, so good for you. I’m also available for taste-testing any treats you make, haha. And I love Masterchef as well, but I’m a reality TV nerd in general.

    • Kez

      Yeah, I was eating a lot of my baked goods and force feeding them to my poor husband. Now I try to cut back on those things (or bake healthy snacks) and make food for family gatherings and such – to share it around!

  • I am a reformed hot household mess thanks to my husband who I learned quickly after we started living together was a major neat freak. Even (rinsed out) breakfast cereal bowls left in the sink until the evening make him twitch. We’ve rubbed off a little on each other though so he’s relaxed a bit about not vacuuming EVERY DAY and I’ve gotten better about picking up my clothes off of the bathroom floor.

    But I’ve noticed the nesting instinct in me rear its ugly head now that I’m in my third trimester and nearing the end. I’ve never cleaned my own carpets but I’m DYING to rent a rug doctor and do it (next weekend I hope), I got super excited about organizing my linen closet, and I’m a dusting machine.

    • Kez

      I’m thinking your husband and my husband would get along just fine! 🙂

  • Wow! I had no idea that pregnancy could have such an effect.

    I’ve gotten myself into baking sprees before for no apparent reason. And just as mysteriously as it starts, it stops for no reason. I’m currently residing under the hot household mess. I’m hoping it’s due to my recent move but who knows.

  • Wow check you out 😉 Kind of scary and exciting at the same time to see that pregnancy really does change you, I was always in the ‘its a myth’ camp as well!

    I’m a mix of both, i’m terrible at keeping the house tidy, there is stuff for africa although it is not dirty just untidy. Yet I am a half decent baker/chef.

  • For me, the whole nesting thing didnt just go away after baby. I find myself much more organized now, everything isnt spotless like it was in the 3rd trimester (because hey, I do have a little man to take care of now) but I find I actually throw laundry in and wash the dishes everyday instead of every other day. It’s just become so much easier to wash a few dishes here and there then to wash a huge stack in the sink. Also I kinda have to have a sink available to wash bottles in lol

  • That is seriously awesome! Maybe people have this nesting phase for a reason–because like you said, once the baby comes out, you won’t have time or the energy for such things. Do you feel grownup? I’d imagine I would, especially because I think of being a parent as SUCH A SERIOUS THING. I mean, you’re responsible for someone else’s LIFE. How crazy (and yet wonderful and cool) is that??

  • As someone who can COMPLETELY identify with former Kez (and indeed Liv’s comment), can I just say… WOO! Go Kez! What a delightfully unexpected fun change!

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