Happy List #54

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Oh hey! I haven’t done one of these in a long time, but I’m feeling the need to focus on some positive stuff after a chaotic couple of weeks!

The whole gratitude/positivity thing is not for everyone (for some it feels forced or whatever), but it often helps bring me back to a good head space when I’ve been feeling anxious or angry or just out of sorts.

At the end of most days, we practice ‘3 things’ with the Little Mister. We will tell him three things that made us happy during the day and he will tell us his. It’s my not so stealthy way of trying to help him to set down some foundations for a positive mindset as he grows up. I think it also helps him to fall asleep thinking about the good things and not letting his sometimes anxious mind wander to all the wrong places when it’s time to rest. It’s good for us adults too.

I think the key is not to list stuff you think you SHOULD be happy about, but the things that ACTUALLY made you feel good. Those are my rules, anyway.

Here are 5 things that have made me happy in the last little while…

My trip to Queensland

I had been indecisive about whether I could really take time out from my little family to go on this trip (for a special wedding) but I am so glad I went. I literally got off the plane and felt so much stress lifted off my shoulders. I’ve had far less time out since the Little Miss was born than I did when we just had the Little Mister and I was really feeling it. Sometimes you need a bit more than a trip to the supermarket alone or the occasional nail/hair appointment. Sometimes you are fortunate enough to have that opportunity!

It was amazing how my resting heart rate went down, my skin started to glow and I felt myself truly relax. I only had myself to look after and shedding a lot of my usual mental load was liberating.

There were so many special moments while I was away and even though that amazingly ‘refreshed’ feeling wasn’t going to last long when I got home (there are a few long stories about that – definitely NOT happy list material) I am glad I have those wonderful memories. A good, recent reference to draw on when I want to achieve that chilled feeling again. Something to remind myself about self care and the need to prioritise my mental health.

It also gave me the confidence that the Little Miss can be just fine without me for a little while (even if she was a bit sad and confused the first couple of days – we’ve been inseparable her whole life so it was a big deal for both of us).

The Little Miss

I am so grateful for both of my children of course, but recently I have been particularly grateful to have the Little Miss by my side each day while the Little Mister is at school. Sometimes we have grown up problems and it can be stressful. I am so glad that I have had the best, most lovely distraction from my worries. If I’d been alone with my thoughts in the last week or two, I might have gone crazy (like certifiably). Having an adorable 1 year old to look after and laugh with has been so good for me. Watching her grow is both alarming and wonderful. It’s not for everyone but I am so glad to be at home with her.

Getting (a little bit) fitter

When I started prioritising my exercise a few months ago, I felt like I’d never get my shit together. My legs felt stiff and I tired easily. You might be aware of the trouble it took to put myself first and get even the slightest semblance of a routine in place!

I am finally starting to see progress. I have been doing Body Combat at the gym (it’s very therapeutic with all the punching and kicking haha) and fitting in walks occasionally. I am finding that my cardio fitness has increased, my kicking technique is getting better and now I can do a few push ups without my arms wanting to fall off! Baby steps! I like how a choreographed gym class keeps me present too. I have a scattered mum brain at the best of times and while I’m really uncoordinated, focusing my attention on where I am in my body right at that moment has been good for me. I fuck up less when I’m actually THERE. I start to get lost when I am not mentally present or I’m overthinking my moves. It’s like meditation but much more sweaty and not like meditation at all. Hopefully you know what I mean!

Watching my kids play together

The Little Mister has always doted on his sister (16 months old) and she has always looked at him like he’s the most fascinating big kid on the planet, but lately she’s begun to relate to him in new ways. It’s just so heart warming to watch them interact.

I still have teary little moments when I watch them laughing with each other or when the Little Mister is the only person the Little Miss will hold hands with.

It took a lot of hard work and tears and sad moments before we could give the Little Mister a sibling. At times I truly thought I’d have to accept that he would be an only child (and let me tell you how hard that was when he invented imaginary siblings and kept asking if he’d ever have a brother or sister). It is such a gift to have the two of them and it just feels like magic.

Putting on a face mask when I’m feeling stressed

Not a creepy murderer mask, a lovely soothing sheet mask haha. I’ve realised that it is kind of like a weighted blanket for your face. In that moment I can just lie/sit back and feel it doing some good stuff to my face skin. It slows me down and quite honestly, it makes me STFU too because I can’t move my face as much 😂

It’s a good ‘quick fix’ dose of self care!

Other stuff that has made me happy:

  • Getting a toxic person out of our life almost as fast as they entered it. Damn it feels good to take your power back (and block block block on socials)!
  • Being able to sleep at night after a stressful situation knowing I’ve conducted myself with dignity and integrity.
  • Having an organised wardrobe.
  • Lovely messages from friends that make me smile. Whether it’s support through a stressful time or just a “hey have you seen this cool movie”, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy to be thought of.
  • When people I love get good news or have wonderful things going on in their lives.
  • A warm shower on a cold day!
  • Sunshine. I’m taking every bit of it I can get before the weather changes a lot!

So tell me, what has been making you happy lately?

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