Frumpier is comfier.

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Last weekend I was such a nanna. Usually when I say this, I mean I spent the evening at home sprawled on the couch watching TV, trying not to fall asleep before 8:30pm and making peace with the fact that I can’t drink more than half a glass of wine before I feel a bit drunk and woozy.

But last weekend I was not at home. I was at a friend’s 30th birthday party dressed like some kind of Mrs Doubtfire/old lady from Tweety bird cartoons hybrid. Stunning. I know.

It was time to show ourselves off in all our op shopped glory.

I never realised how liberating it is to be ‘old’. The frumpier I was, the comfier I was. In fact that will be my motto.

“Frumpier is comfier”. I like it.

When you’re old (or even just pretending), you can be a clumsy hot mess all the time. You don’t care how you look or what others think of you and you can say wildly inappropriate things and they seem funnier and more adorable.

Also. Lawn bowls (which I suck at but that’s besides the point).

Sure, I don’t actually know many old people who are as ridiculous as we were on the weekend, but that didn’t stop us from hamming it up!

Maybe it was the ‘memory loss medicine’ aka several shots of liquor?


Yes. Nannas take selfies. Is this the future? Scary, huh? Seriously, can you imagine old people stopping to take bathroom mirror selfies on their way out the door to meet their friends for a game of bridge (I don’t even know what that is)? On their iPhone 500s?

It was amusing looking at all these grey haired people sitting chatting in the corner of the party, engrossed in their iPhones or moshing to music from ‘back in the day’…Silverchair. OK, so it was only two of us who were ‘moshing’. The birthday girl and I. And we weren’t so much moshing as we were jumping up and down making stupid faces and making sure there weren’t old lady boobs flying everywhere (I do not speak for myself here haha – sorry mate)!


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow old with your husband? Well, I found out…


Anyway, don’t say I didn’t update you. By far, this was the best fancy dress party theme I’ve ever had the joy of dressing up for. Hope I’ve brightened your day… or scared you so much that your day can only go up from here!

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