Friday’s feels in gifs.

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Something dumb I thought I’d do this Friday. Because everyone loves a few gifs, right? Witness all of today’s feels in all their glory. Or whatever the opposite of glory is…

Waking up and realising you still have a cold, even though you’re supposed to be 100% healthy and deemed suitable to be put under general anaesthetic by next Wednesday – no pressure. Not. Freaking. Out.


When you witness your child rubbing the grot from his 2 minute noodle lunch  (don’t even think about judging me for that right now or I’ll cut a bitch) all over the side of his face and in his hair. FOR WHAT REASON?


When you’re hungry for EVERYTHING and you’re too sick to work out. And you know it’s out of control. But. You. Can’t. Stop.


When you realise you were almost so delirious with being stir crazy that you considered downloading all of the Kardashians’ apps. That. Was. Close. It’s OK, guys. I’m OK. I didn’t do it.


When for like the 3rd day in a row you go to turn on your bathroom light and remember that the light globe has blown. FFS.


Those feels when your husband calls to tell you he’ll be late home from work and you’ve already been counting down the hours since he left. HOW COULD HE??


How was your day?

8 thoughts on “Friday’s feels in gifs.”

  1. LOL!!!! Hilarious post! LOVED IT! Oh the gifs, the gifs… How can one NOT love gifs?! Hope your medical thing went well on Wednesday btw xx

  2. OMG – I was that Kimmy gif at the park the other day – pregnant, with a sore throat, holding an 18 month old who was also whingy due to a cold, and then my 3 year old has a massive accident {and it’s only like 6 degrees in the park and about a 5 minute walk to the car} leading to wet pants/socks and shoes.


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