Facebook your face off. I don’t care.

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You know what’s getting really old lately? Well, I have my ranty pants on and I’m about to tell you (lucky you).

Articles/blog posts/rants about what people are doing that is soooooo annoying on Facebook.

Usually written in list form, the writer goes on about each thing that offends them personally about Facebook users and decides what everyone else should like or not like too. Which I find hilarious when they’re busy telling people off for their self centred status updates.

I am not aiming this post at anyone in particular. I’m just noticing a trend.

Maybe this blog post in itself is one big stinking pile of hypocrisy. Hey, I’ll own it, but my intentions are pure.

Here’s what I want you to feel free to do:

Post as many pictures of your pets as you like. Give daily countdowns to your travel dates. Talk non stop about your children (and their toilet training process). Hey, post a gazillion photos of them too! Show everyone your drunk night club bathroom selfies! Be cryptic – everyone loves a mystery! Be negative! Be positive! Share those inspirational quotes! The more the better! Let everyone think you’re perfect – show that highlight reel of your life! Celebrate your life achievements! Meme it up! Air that dirty laundry! Stalk a lot! Like EVERYTHING YOU EVER SEE.

I don’t effing care. You do you.

As long as you are happy with the way you are representing yourself. As long as you are being true to who you are (or how you want people to view your life), I don’t mind. It is not my place to be the ruler of social media. I have no right to be telling people what to do with themselves. I do have ‘unfriend’ and ‘hide’ options, you know. It is my choice who I surround myself with on my social networks, just as it is yours.

I don’t want you to care about the so called ‘rules’ a blogger makes up to determine whether you’re annoying or not. Who are they to tell you whether you’re doing it right or not?

I know I annoy people occasionally. They let me know by unfollowing. I’m OK with that (even if the people pleaser in me stings just a little at first). I just want to be surrounded by those who get me.

Some people are cynical. Some people are optimistic out the wazoo. Some people find socialising difficult. Some people are drama magnets (for a whole lot of reasons – not always their faults). Some of us try really really hard to show only our best side to the world. Some of us have varying levels of education. There are those of us who are deep thinkers, adventurers and such. There are those of us who are home bodies. Introverts. Extroverts. We can be shallow. We can feel needy and insecure. Some of us are more mature than others. Some of us are fighting for our own personal causes. Some of us have had better lives than others. We can be at different stages of the self improvement journey. If we’d be doing this without social media – if it’s who we are without the internet, then of course it’s going to reflect in our online life. It’s called humanity. The good, the bad and the ugly. Or just different.

Shouldn’t our social media accounts reflect that? We don’t have to like or follow everyone, but we do have to stop telling everyone what to do in snarky blog posts.

Am I the ONLY person who feels this way?

6 thoughts on “Facebook your face off. I don’t care.”

  1. Agreed. It’s like, “Oh so you’re so cool? You’re the big expert?” You are spot on in pointing out that it is hilariously hypocritical. I think complaining about it is just a bandwagon jumping kind of thing right now.

  2. I was JUST having a very similar conversation. And I’m totally on board with you. If something on social media is annoying to you, move on. Or hide it. But don’t expect people to only post things you find acceptable. The snark factor trend is getting a bit out of control.

  3. I don’t care about what people post – it’s when people who annoy me in real life (but I have to be facebook friends with because awkward otherwise) post that I get really irritated. But they could post the best pics or status update ever (they don’t) and it would still get on my tits, so they’ll just never win.


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