DIY…or outsource it and then be all awkward.

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About the photo: OK, so the prompt for today’s photo is DIY. I may have outsourced my DIY this morning, but that’s OK. Today some dudes came to install the Little Mister’s brand new roller blind for his almost finished big boy room. We have been waiting for this day for so long, because without a blind the Little Mister couldn’t move in! Now, just a couple of finishing touches and it’s gonna happen!! I’m so excited. He’s been thrilled with how his new room is coming along and has ‘helped’ every step of the way (except for painting – gotta draw a line so to speak haha). He loves it in there and I have to say, I love it too. It’s fresh and bright, with a loose tropical beach theme. I can’t wait to see him grow with it. No more baby nursery, he’s a BIG BOY.

I just don’t know what to do with myself.

Today’s blind installation was pretty quick and pain free (apart from there being a flaw in the blind which will be fixed in time thanks to good customer service), but I have this weird thing where I freak out a little bit when people come to do jobs at our house. Seriously. It’s like I forget how to human. I get all, “There are strangers in my house…I don’t know what to do with myself!”

I get all awkward. Like, do I offer them snacks or drinks? Do I make small talk or just leave them alone? Do I keep doing my normal activities? Do I look busy enough? Not busy enough? Do they even care (probably not)? I over think everything.

Last time someone came over to do a job I deliberately left the dishes and some other household chores undone so I could busy myself with them while the guys installed the air conditioner – even though I could have got them done easily before they arrived. Told you. I have no idea what to do with myself.

It was worse BC (Before Child). I would have often taken a day off to oversee a job. Without a Little Mister to be busy with, I’d want to just sit and watch TV or waste time on the internet, but I’d feel all weird and guilty or worry that they thought I was a slob. Especially if I sat within their line of sight!

I know it’s so stupid. I mean, these guys (it’s never been a woman but I hope over time this might change – that’d be SO cool) have way better things to do than to judge me and the rational Kez knows this. Still. I never said I was rational haha.

I mean, if I was working in someone else’s home, I’d just be focused on the job and after doing similar jobs in so many places for a while, I’d probably not really notice anything. I’d probably be so jealous of the person who was watching TV the whole time and be happy for them that they had a day off. I’d probably not mind a lack of conversation if the home owner was busy and just be glad to have the ability to focus on my job, as long as they were nice and let me use the loo. I wouldn’t be all, “So, we went to this one house and the b*tch wouldn’t even give me a biscuit.”

Again. I know I’m irrational haha.

I think it’s more about the fact that they’re strangers and I’ve let them in my home. Most of them (except for some rat bastard fencing guys a few years back) have been pretty good people – absolutely awesome in fact.

I know I should just be myself. Hello – it’s MY house and I’m paying them to provide ME with a service. I can be a nice customer who they will remember (after working in customer service I know how that can make someone’s day), just like I want them to be good workers who I will remember (and maybe even refer to my friends or use for future jobs).

Although…today, I fumbled over my words, trying to be nice. So there’s that. Awkward ALWAYS. My awkwardness in my own home knows no bounds. Out of my home? I’m (generally on a good day) a superstar. Just today I charmed a couple of lovely Relay for Life raffle sale volunteers. Had a laugh in the check out with a nice lady who was in front of me. Shared some hilarious toddler-related small talk with a dude in the salad section. I don’t know. It’s all too weird. I’m too weird.

Please tell me. Am I the only one who does this??? Are you awesome with strangers doing work in/on your home? Got any advice? Do you do work in other peoples’ homes for a living? What do you like in a customer?? Leave a comment! x

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  1. I’m EXACTLY the same when tradies come to the house. The last time, when some guys came to look at the bore and retic, I actually started sewing buttons on my old cardigan. Because my sewing area is near the back door, and they were in the yard. I wanted to stay close in case they had any questions (didn’t want them having to traipse through the house to find me) but didn’t just want to hover doing nothing (because AWKWARD!) They probably left thinking I was some kind of mad sewing DIY person, which I am sooo not (despite having a “sewing area”).


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