Better Together.

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Today marks the 6th anniversary of marriage for Mr Unprepared and I. We’ve been through a lot together (and even for a small not so talked about time apart) over the years and it has only been because of our hard work, determination and commitment to each other that we have found ourselves where we are today. Really tough things have happened to both of us over time and we have had to learn to be strong – not just as individuals but also as a couple.  It hasn’t always been easy. As long as we keep growing and learning for the rest of our lives, I know there will always be good things coming to us.

We celebrated this year, with a picnic at an outdoor concert (Jack Johnson – AMAZING). I spilt my sparkling wine on myself several times and tripped over some poor innocent people (not from being drunk on either account – just clumsy in picnic situations). Mr Unprepared wore his sunnies and hat even when it was dark. We sat on uncomfortable low backed beach chair thingies (I can’t remember what they’re actually called) until our bums and our legs were numb. Mr Unprepared had to restrain me from calling my mum to ask how the Little Mister was. I tried not to cry several times when I was having a magical music appreciation moment (music moves me – what can I say). Mr Unprepared ate camembert on corn chips just because he could (they came with the exorbitantly priced hamper we’d pre-ordered). It was perfect.

Jack Johnson even played our wedding song to end his show (the title of this post).

All of the every day stresses of life melted away right when I needed them to (don’t ask haha) and we were just there in the moment, remembering fun, remembering our life as a couple (and not just as parents), remembering what’s really important. All the noise of the draining week we’d had faded out and was replaced by Hawaiian musical love.

On the way home we reminisced non stop about our favourite live music moments. All the memories certain songs or artists evoke. We relived the night and what it had meant to us. We laughed about the 90s. Who doesn’t? It was awesome.

I feel so excited about seven and the journey there. Hell, I even feel excited about next week just because it’s next week and I’m in a good mood thanks to this weekend!

I love you, Husband.

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