A hiatus on the pregnancy updates.

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Hey, everyone. Thanks for being here. Thanks for reading all about my pregnancy, following along and showing me so much support and love. It’s been quite the ride!

As I write this post, I am almost 36 weeks pregnant. I have made the decision to go on ‘pregnancy update’ hiatus. There’s nothing wrong (so far – touch wood) and nothing immediately happening in the whole birth canal/C-section area right this minute as I type away (which is lucky because I have stuff to do still haha), but we all know that like all good human pregnancies (thank goodness I am not an elephant – those poor fuckers have to be pregnant for years or something), the end is nearing. Who knows when and who knows how, or even where (in my case anyhow)!

I am writing this to let you know not to worry if you notice a lack of regular updates until after the baby has arrived (hopefully healthy and without too much trauma for either of us)! I am also letting you know about this hiatus, because I don’t want everyone bugging the shit out of me, asking for specific information on when the baby is coming or if she has already arrived or freaking out that I MUST HAVE HAD THE BABY BECAUSE THERE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A PHOTO ON INSTA TODAY AND THERE WASN’T etc.

I will still be documenting everything. I’ll just keep a lot of it safe in my drafts folders for a while.

I might not be able to help but share some pics of the nursery or my preparation for the baby on social media. I may schedule posts about unrelated things on the blog because I hate not posting anything – I’m addicted. For reals. It will probably be really obvious if I go quiet (my ninja skills probably aren’t that amazing). But I just want to keep some details to myself at this point. Some stuff that goes on in my head, during appointments and in my body are just for my family (and closest of the closest IRL circles) right now.

So, in a nutshell, most of the regular updates you may have grown used to are going to stay offline for a bit. I’ll enjoy a bit of rest time (wishful thinking?) and get back to the sporadic blogging I used to do before all of this haha.

I can’t wait to make a happy announcement when the time is right. Wish me luck, you gorgeous people x

And as a disclaimer: don’t crucify me if I go back on my word with anything!! I reserve the right to change my mind ALL the time and blame it on hormones 😂


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