2019 Weekly Wrap Up #17

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I’ve been documenting my year one week at a time on the blog! It’s just a way to remember and reflect. Also a great way for my lovely readers/followers to catch up on what’s been happening in my life.

Here is the 17th week of 2019 (yes I am very far behind)!

23 April – Tuesday

I was stoked that the Little Miss slept from 10:30pm to 4:30am straight last night. Yep – that’s the best she’s done in a while! She seemed in better spirits today as a result, which was so good to see!

My gut was not perfect yet so I skipped the gym, but it was for the best, I think.

After the Little Miss’ day sleep, I took her outside to join the Little Mister who had been happily playing out the back for half the day. She loves the outdoors. Our big boof-head dog was really gentle with her (except for that time she wagged her tail quite excitedly in her face). The Little Miss seems to have a real bond with our smaller, older dog (who is usually super cranky but loves her little family).

Mr Unprepared got home from work a bit earlier than usual. I think it was quiet there during the school holidays. Oh, these days are few and far between and I always appreciate them!

24 April – Wednesday

This morning my mum met the kids and I at the barbershop. The Little Mister needed his hair cut before school goes back for term 2. It was really helpful of my mum to take the Little Miss while I sat with the Little Mister, as she can get really stir crazy if she has to stay in one place for long.

Afterwards, we all sat in a cafe for something to eat. It was a nice morning.

In the evening we went out for dinner with my husband’s family. My brother and sister in law were going to be leaving for their remote, basically ‘woop woop’ home soon (they’d been around for the holidays) so we were getting in some time with them while we could. I had been worried about my energy levels. I’d been feeling very emotionally bruised with some stuff that had been going on recently and I was worried that eating out in a noisy place might be overwhelming (when my body and soul needed rest), but we had a good time. The Little Miss even handled her slightly late night well! She seemed excited by all the people and the things to see. She also loved playing with her cousins’ toys!

25 April – Thursday

Mr Unprepared took the Little Mister to the ANZAC Day dawn service where we live. I stayed home with the Little Miss, who woke up right after they left (they’d made a bit of a commotion which had disturbed her). I was a bit shitty that we couldn’t go and do something as a whole family later in the morning, because the Little Miss was grumpy from her early wake up.

I went to my parents’ place alone to have a bit of a heart to heart with them about some stuff that had come up for us all recently and it really helped me.

26 April – Friday

The Little Miss enjoyed her first whole piece of fruit: a pear. She was able to hold the whole thing in her hands and eat it like a big person. She felt so important and grown up! It’s always so special to witness these ‘firsts’. Seeing how exciting the smallest things are to a baby or toddler just makes my heart happy.

Also, I found a dead lizard lying upside down in the dog’s bowl when I went to feed her tonight. So that was fun. I am always the person who finds the dead animals. It’s never my husband. Why is that??

27 April – Saturday

I was tired and feeling like a hot mess, but I was so glad to have something exciting to do today. I was going to attend my friend Lisa’s book launch! It was going to be a long drive to get there, but I was very excited about all of the alone time I would have in the car with my music turned up!

I was worried I would look like the human equivalent of a turd with glitter on it, by the time I’d dressed up and done my make up. I hate nothing more than those days when you finally get to make an effort with your appearance and you feel like you may as well not have bothered because nothing can hide your tired eyes or dull skin!

Well, today I felt like I outdid myself. I was actually feeling pretty cute haha. I met my friend K there (she had come with her sister in law) and we had a really great time! I met online friends who became real life friends and there were some great laughs to be had. It was so great to celebrate Lisa’s amazing book and everything she has achieved. I’m so proud of her (and inspired – I mean I am not going to suddenly write a book but to think that she had a dream and she made it happen – AMAZING).

It was one of those rare events where there were no awkward social moments. It was just a lovely time. My soul felt so replenished afterwards. I was so grateful for this day.

Myself, Lisa and Jo – dickheads haha

28 April – Sunday

Usually on a Sunday, Mr Unprepared is quite a home body. This morning I told him we were going to go out and enjoy the sunshine while we still can! We went to a cafe with my family and afterwards we all went for a wander near the water. The Little Miss walked lots.

I had a bit of a lazy afternoon. I think the past couple of weeks had caught up with me. I was really unmotivated but glad that I had unwound and obviously let go of a lot of tension I had been carrying.

The Little Miss ate lots of food today. I am learning to just feed her when she’s hungry. She’s a grazer by nature and I have started to realise that her appetite has really increased.

I was so glad she only needed me twice in the night. Maybe all the walking had worn her out!

29 April – Monday

I went shopping with a bunch of my birthday vouchers today! My mum met myself and the kids at the shops and was a great back up while I ticked off some of the things I was hoping to get.

I bought a nightie for our Queensland holiday, a fancy NARS blush, and some Go-To skin care masks! What treats!

In the evening, the Little Mister went to my mum’s house for a sleepover. We had organised this so that we could change the way we dealt with the Little Miss when she wakes in the night. She’d been trying to keep us in her room so she could just muck around and play in her cot and we didn’t want to disturb her brother while we taught her that’s so not going to happen anymore! This involves leaving the room and letting her cry for a minute or two at a time (slowly increasing the time or shortening it as required) until she realises we aren’t going to indulge her being silly. We’d been soft on her because she was so little and we don’t believe in traumatic sleep training, but we could see a shift in her development and knew she was ready for a little discipline. She’s wasn’t anxious but just testing things out.


So that was my experience of the 17th week of 2019!

Do you remember what was happening for you at this time?

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