2019 Weekly Wrap Up #15

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This week (9-15 April) has been a bit difficult to write about for the blog. Some big, emotional things were going on at the time and there were lots of stories that were/are not mine to tell. While I wrote a lot in my personal journal at this time, I have obviously had to leave some things out, publicly. Just know that during this week, I really learned a lot about myself and life in general too. It was hard but it was a time that brought people together.

9 April – Tuesday

I was supposed to go to the gym today, but the Little Miss had a really rough night last night and I was so tired. Physically and mentally exhausted. I was overwhelmed by some things that were going on at that time and when I told my gym buddies they were really understanding.

I headed to my mum’s place with the kids right after school pick up. We had dinner with a very dear family friend who had come to stay/visit and even though I was a bit worried about how late it was getting (with the Little Miss’ aforementioned lack of sleep being an issue), it was a really good evening. Mr Unprepared had made it over straight after work and he was good enough to take the kids home to bed so I could stay and chat for a bit longer. We had so much catching up to do – it had been a while!

10 April – Wednesday

In the evening, my mum, our friend and I had a lovely girls’ dinner at a local tapas restaurant. It was really good for the soul – great chats and food. I got home at a very reasonable hour and it had been good to get out for a bit.

11 April – Thursday

Went to a local cafe/homewares place today with my mum and our lovely guest. I was early so I took the Little Miss for a walk (I was missing the gym after all – AGAIN).

We squeezed the Little Miss’ stroller into the outdoor space there and I felt a bit bad, like maybe we weren’t welcome to do so. The owner was so lovely, though. She came over for a chat and was so welcoming and it really made all the difference (I’ve been to other cafes where I’ve felt distinctly like my small, well behaved, child was not welcome and it’s put me off going back).

I recognised another local small business owner who I like was there and I did my usual awkward Kez thing and kept moving, thinking that she probably wouldn’t recognise me or might think I was annoying if I stopped to chat (despite everything about our Insta/previous interactions telling me that would not be the case). Later, she told me she’d seen me and had hoped to catch my eye and it taught me a lesson: just say hi!!! Stop thinking you’re just some unrecognisable dork (OK so I am still a dork)! I love my community, so I should revel in being a part of it and knowing some of the lovely, local characters!

12 April – Friday

Today was the Little Mister’s last day of Term 1 at school! It is always a bittersweet time haha. It’s wonderful because both you and your child get time out from the constraints of school (no offence), you don’t have to do school runs and can use the time you’ve saved to do other things at other times! No school lunches to be packed!! It’s also challenging because suddenly you’re with your school child close to 24/7 haha.

I gave the Little Mister a lunch order to celebrate the end of term. I even ordered him a little jelly cup on the side. He’s a deprived child who thought this was the bee’s knees and had nagged for a lunch order with a jelly cup for weeks. The kids got to watch a movie at school (remember how good end of term was when we were kids??) and the teachers made them popcorn and hot chocolate! How sweet is that?? I loved how they thought of that.

We had Thai takeaway for dinner at my parents’ place. It was exciting because there’s now a restaurant really close to our place and I had dreamed of this for so long hahaha. It did not disappoint. It has been a really busy week and this was a nice way to end it.

13 April – Saturday

This morning I was able to lay in bed until 8am! It was because the Little Miss was tired after having a crap night’s sleep last night (again)! She didn’t nap long enough today either.

I dyed my hair pink because I dye my hair bright colours whenever I need to remind myself of who I am!

It was good to get some housework done and catch up on some home tasks. I had fallen behind.

In the afternoon, we attended our friends’ daughter’s 2nd birthday party. It’s always such an honour to be at their family events. Because that’s how they treat their friends – like family. Hell, my friend’s family treat us like family! They’re just such wonderful people and awesome hosts!

The kids were exhausted and we made a hurried exit when things started to go a bit downhill, as they tend to do at these things (luckily we’d made it past the cutting of the cake)!!

14 April – Sunday

In the morning I was able to sneak out child free to try on my dresses for an upcoming trip to Queensland (for a family friend’s wedding). It was exciting to see how my mum would be able to alter them so they’d fit me perfectly and it was a relief to know I’ll actually have nice things to wear! I haven’t needed a pretty party dress in a while!!

In the afternoon, I did a quick half hour work out on YouTube. A Body Combat inspired session (the class I’d normally do at the gym). I was feeling the guilt of not having been to the gym all of last week. It was intense but satisfying. The Little Mister came and joined me at the end and it’s always fun when he gives things a go.

Mr Unprepared took the Little Mister out grocery shopping. He does that on weekends sometimes, which gives me a little less to do and I get some chill time (with the Little Miss if she’s awake).

In the evening I had fun just sitting on the ground and letting the Little Miss play around me and come up to me for cuddles. I felt like we hadn’t had that time with each other in a while. That’s our version of quality time together these days. We’ve been so busy lately and she’s been so tired. It was just what I needed.

Tonight was the first night we tried to put her to bed without a bottle of formula. We ‘read’ a story (she mostly squirmed and tried to turn pages before I was ready haha) and then when she was down, she was upset and took ages to settle. We realised maybe she wasn’t ready and agreed that tomorrow night we’d give her some cow’s milk in her bottle until she was ready to reduce the amount and go to sleep without.

After that, I officially signed up for my gym membership (my trial week had lapsed while I was busy not attending)! It felt like a scary commitment but one I was ready to make. OK, so maybe not totally ready, but I knew I had to do it.

15 April – Monday

Had a rough night with the Little Miss again, but the upside was that I had a bit of a sleep in (gotta love school holidays and no alarms)! The Little Mister was so well behaved and quiet and the Little Miss slept until 8:30am!

I knew that the Little Miss would be able to push her nap time out a bit because of her sleep in, so I took the kids to the shops. I bought some clothes and shoes for the kids, as well as some useful stuff that had been on my list for a while.

The Little Miss didn’t sleep well during the day (again!) but she seemed content to have some quiet time in her cot which was good.

I tried to prep us for the gym tomorrow and it felt good to not do it in a rush. As it wasn’t a part of my usual routine just yet, I was being a total nerd laying my clothes out the day before and packing everything meticulously for myself and the Little Miss (for creche)! I realised that my ridiculous anxiety about the gym the past couple of weeks had nothing to do with the gym after all. I had other huge things on my mind that had been difficult to think about, so I’d channelled all that stress onto my feelings about going to a building to do an hour of organised sweating. Go figure.

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