2019 Weekly Wrap Up #14

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The 14th week of 2019 was full of anxiety, but also ended up being surprisingly productive. Also, there was that time on the Monday when the Little Mister randomly spewed and I actually saw it as a blessing in disguise…

Anyway, we’ll get to that bit!

2 April – Tuesday

I was starting to get anxious about starting at the gym this coming Thursday. I know it sounds silly but I feel like I have an insurmountable list of tasks to tick off before I can even get started.

I messaged my friends S and A to ask questions (silly ones to regular gym goers I am sure) and they were so kind, helpful and patient with me! Gosh I appreciate their lack of judgement and their ability to humour me.

The Little Miss was in an off mood most of the day. She started by screaming in her bed at 5:48am (I know – very specific – I remember it well) and was moody and demanding all day.

After her nap, I took her to the gym and learned how to sign up for everything. It made me feel better to turn up in person ahead of time and have things sorted on the spot.

3 April – Wednesday

Today, the Little Miss walked around the house a lot more than she crawled! It’s really all happening!

Today I researched an app for budgeting. I chose one called Pocketbook (not sponsored). Even though I’ve always made a written budget each month, I was feeling frustrated at our inability to track our spending in real time. I think we’re pretty sensible but I felt like we could do better and this would help us to stay accountable.

4 April – Thursday

I woke up at 4:30am this morning!

I managed to get ready for the gym OK and I liked how my activewear looked. I was quite nervous to put the Little Miss in the creche for the first time but they whisked her away and I joined my new gym buddies (but old friends).

I tried Body Combat for the first time and it was good, even if I am really uncoordinated! I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the burpees and push ups but I was reassured that this was a new routine and my friends found it full on too!

When I collected the Little Miss from creche I found out she’d been hit in the head with a toy by another child. She had a red mark on her forehead long after the fact. They’d corrected MY spelling of her name on everything and told me she’d had a banana while I was gone, even though I had never provided one. I was pretty sure she hadn’t had banana but I was concerned because I have a niece who is allergic – you just never know so you can’t afford to have mix ups!

It was just so chaotic and I came away feeling a bit emotionally shaken. It had been the very first time I’d left the Little Miss with someone other than family so it was already a little bit of a big deal for me. Things going wrong kind of freaked me out.

Luckily I calmed down later and while those oversights weren’t good, I was able to see that they weren’t the end of the world and all I could do was give them another chance and see how it went from there. I had heard nothing but good things about them from people I trusted and I had to give the benefit of the doubt that it was just a bizarre one off day. I made a commitment to myself that I’d watch what happened with her care the next time and be sure to take action if things did not go well again.

I also ordered a bunch of name label stickers and a personalised back pack for her. I did not want her being confused with any other small ( possibly Asian – trust me it happens) child again and I felt this would get my message across about the spelling of her name in a subtle way haha. I might not have known what to expect today, but I could be prepared for next time. I felt really empowered.

This afternoon the Little Mister’s parent teacher interview was on. I took the kids to a cafe to meet my mum so I could kill time and so I could hand them over to her before meeting Mr Unprepared back at the school.

5 April – Friday

I went to work after school drop off today. Work has been sporadic with juggling the Little Miss and my boss’ travel plans (FYI: they’re my parents and I help with some admin stuff when I can). I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to knock it all on the head quicker than expected! I was a bit tired from the gym yesterday haha. No stamina yet!

I was stoked because Mr Unprepared handled the school pick up today too!

In the evening I had a phone conversation with my friend who I hadn’t had a big chat with in a long time. It was a good way to kill some time while Mr Unprepared watched the footy haha. I got off the phone at 8pm and went to keep him company on the couch but he was already asleep!!! Party animal!

6 April – Saturday

This morning we had a family walk to the estuary (5km return). The Little Mister was nagging a LOT! At one point he got our of our sight for maybe 30 seconds (after I had yelled at him to stop and he claimed to not hear me). I knew from where we were that he was likely safe and would stop before the road, but I was annoyed he hadn’t listened about our rule of “if you can’t see us that means we can’t see you so you need to come back or stop”. A couple walked up the hill we were walking down. They had stopped and spoken to him concerned that he’d run away from home all alone (he had a little backpack on). I appreciated that there are people out there who would help my kid if they ever saw him alone in a potentially dangerous situation, but I admit I felt a bit judged – he’d been out of our sight for such a short time and we were gaining on him fast! Maybe I was still a bit touchy after a couple of old biddies thought I’d ditched my daughter somewhere halfway along my walk the last time we’d been out (she’d been safe and sound with her dad who was also walking with us)!!! I still have WTF moments when I think about that haha.

That event aside it was a lovely day – the weather was just sublime!

7 April – Sunday

Mr Unprepared made me a cycling widow today! He left home at 4:30am (I KNOW – WTF) to do a challenge known as the 3 Dams challenge. I referred to it as That Damn Challenge haha. I know. I’m funny.

I could see the whole day just stretching out in front of me. I had all the ‘getting ready for Monday’ tasks to do by myself and I was determined to get most of it done before the Little Miss’ nap time. I was pretty stoked when I succeeded!

My mum called and asked if the Little Mister wanted to come out with her and dad. They would go for a walk with their dog and then stop at a local cafe. Once he heard about a cafe he was all on board, which made me laugh because sometimes when we tell him we are going for a walk he asks if he can stay home (not without us he can’t)! The power of Nana, Poppy, a fluffy groodle and most importantly CAFE TREATS.

They took him home afterwards and I picked him up after the Little Miss’ nap. We stayed a little while and the Little Miss loved her time with her poppy in particular.

I bought us take away for dinner and the Little Mister was obviously living his best life after having a cookie at the cafe with Mum and Dad!

Mr Unprepared was home by 6pm and the day was done. Despite me dreading That Damn Challenge, I had a good day!

8 April – Monday

What a morning. We were heading for school drop off and the Little Mister had a cough just as we turned out onto the main road near home. Suddenly all of his breakfast was all over him. He’d vomited all of it up. He’d had yoghurt so it smelt sickly sweet, FYI.

I kept yelling at him to keep his legs together as they were keeping it from seeping into his booster seat fabric – priorities!

We literally turned right back around and headed home. Hilarious, right? I was sure he was fine but I didn’t feel like I could have it on my conscience that I’d sent him to school after vomiting.

I secretly felt relieved I didn’t have to worry about the school runs for the day anymore. It saved me so much time and I had to deep clean the house in anticipation of a visitor later in the week!

To top off the day, the Little Miss suddenly had the appetite of a horse, was clingy and whiney and seemed to be teething! Lucky me!

In the evening I suddenly got really anxious about my plans to attend the gym tomorrow. Not because of me, but I knew we had to face the creche again. I wanted so badly for it to go well.

Do you remember your 14th week of 2019? What was happening in your life?

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