2019: Week 5.

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This week was a pretty busy one! I was well aware it was the last week of the school holidays and I had so much to tick off!

Here’s my wrap up of week 5 of 2019 (which includes the end of the longest month of the year and the Little Mister’s first day of year 2)…

January 29 – Tuesday

This day was a terrible day on paper. The Little Miss had just had a really rough night and had to have her immunisations (right on her morning nap time too)! When we got to the clinic there was a 20 minute wait (at least) and she was restless as ever! She was quite brave when she had her needles (just cried a bit once she’d realised what they’d done to her). I decided to go home and order some groceries to click and collect to minimise how much I needed to take the kids out, in case it all had her out of sorts.

Of course the bloody website said just about anything useful was ‘unavailable’ so I spat the dummy and realised we’d have to go to their big competitor and schlep around. I just prayed the Little Miss would survive it without any meltdowns. I read the Little Mister the riot act about moving fast and talking less (poor kid haha) and we did OK!

I still forgot some stuff and had to duck out with the kids to the local IGA which wasn’t ideal and Mr Unprepared was late home from work.

Which on other days might have sent me into a tailspin of big FML proportions, but for some reason I felt positive about everything. I was proud of myself for getting through it all on very little sleep and with very little opportunity for rest. I was relieved the Little Miss was handling her immunisations really well with no obvious side effects. I was impressed that the Little Mister behaved so well and was so helpful.

I was also finding it hard to be mad about anything because the Little Miss just suddenly grew a toddler brain and was doing ALL the cute shit that day.

January 30 – Wednesday

The baby slept through! Must have been the immunisations – she hadn’t slept through in ages, due to teething and some kind of big brain spurt. I, however, did not sleep through. To make things more exciting, there was a power outage in the middle of the night. This means the baby monitor doesn’t work (I should probably get some back up batteries put in it) and the Little Mister’s clock won’t work. So if I can’t hear the baby, I have to go and sleep on the couch. And I have to fix the Little Mister’s clock as soon as the power goes back on because otherwise he runs into my room at 5am asking why his clock is messed up. So much nocturnal fun!

We bought the Little Mister shoes for school. He’s a men’s size 2 now! WHOA.

In the afternoon we went to my grandparents’ place, as they hadn’t been able to see the Little Miss since her first birthday. They loved it. It’s so special that my kids get quality time with their great grandparents. My gramps made the Little Mister paper planes (his specialty) and the Little Miss became WAY too good at navigating their place (headed straight for anything fragile)! The kids ‘played’ the piano and there were smiles all around. The Little Miss was gifted with the most beautiful little bracelet with her name engraved on it. So special.

In the afternoon, I thought I was being SO productive. I got SO MUCH DONE because I thought it was 4:07pm for over an hour. I was tired and the kitchen clock battery died! It was a recipe for disaster! You should have seen me scramble to get dinner started late when I realised!


January 31 – Thursday

Thursday was the day. The dreaded day. The day I had to go to the uniform shop at the Little Mister’s school. The Little Miss had been a wriggly grumpy bum so luckily I followed my instincts and asked my mum to have her for the morning, because we waited for at least an hour and a half in a long line just to get in!

The Little Mister killed some time by sending cute “I love you” texts from my phone to a bunch of his loved ones. I must remember to let him do that kind of thing next time we’re stuck waiting for something! It made the recipients feel really good and he got some lovely replies too!

I wanted two shirts for the Little Mister (a coloured house shirt and the usual school sports shirt). Of course they only had one kind! I am dreading having to chase down the second shirt now!

That afternoon we watched the Little Miss practicing her squats without holding onto anything and doing funny dances where she shook her head. Watching her grow up so quickly has had me in awe.

February 1 – Friday

I woke up absolutely bone tired! It suddenly sank in that the couple of weeks before had been so full on and that I had been a machine, just ticking off to do list items and living life HARD in between the Little Miss’ naps! I cried a few times today. I think some of it was just a release of emotion.

The Little Mister had a sleep over booked in with my inlaws. He left late morning and we were faced with 24 hours with just one child! I felt pressure to do something special but of course it’s not always that easy. We ended up having lunch at a local cafe (we were originally just going for a coffee but it was lunch time and the wait staff assumed we were getting lunch and I felt bad). It was quite good. The Little Miss had her first ever hot chip (OMG!) and sampled everything we were eating. She even stole some lettuce off my plate and started munching on it but I don’t think she was super impressed haha.

February 2 – Saturday

It was Saturday but I spent the whole day feeling like it was Sunday! I love how long the weekend feels when Mr Unprepared has a Friday off work!

The Little Mister returned to us after having a wonderful time with his grandparents. He had even written a little ‘book’ about the time he spent with them. He kept dobbing on Grandma and Grandpa and what they got up to which was pretty funny.

Today we started a reward chart for the Little Mister to help him stay in bed at night. I also wrote out a checklist for him for school mornings to help him get back into routine after a long break. It felt good to put these things in place.

I felt a bit of Saturday night FOMO. I felt like I needed to get out on a weekend night and do something fun and kid free. Nothing like the frustration you can feel as a parent sometimes!

February 3 – Sunday

The last day of the school holidays! The Little Mister was anxious about almost everything and it was a bit trying.

He almost wrote “poopy” 😂

In the afternoon we visited my parents with some cupcakes and a card to congratulate them on 40 years of marriage! It’s an amazing achievement and the fact that it’s been such a loving and healthy marriage is the most important thing. I am so glad to have had a great model to look to of what love and relationships should look like and the fact that this marriage created our family is pretty awesome.

February 4 – Monday

The first day of the school year was finally here! I was determined to have my shit together! I had worried all night on the Little Mister’s behalf (you’re welcome dude haha) but everything went smoothly. We were out of the house with everything we needed nice and early!

I was a bit worried about logistics – I had to get a 1 year old, a buttload of supplies, the Little Mister, and his heavy school bag to the class – but it went so well and I was relieved that I was my most graceful (and nicely dressed) self!

It felt so strange to just walk away after having spent 2 months glued to each other! Also, knowing the Little Mister gets anxious probably made it harder!

When we got in the car, the Little Miss screamed most of the way home. She was so sad that we had left her brother at school. It was a big change of routine for her too!

When I picked up the Little Mister he told me it was the best day ever and I started to breathe again! He decided we should have lasagne for dinner to celebrate and we did!

How was your week?

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