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2011’s (un)Forgettable, Unbloggable Moments!

Pic: Yes, thankyou 2011 for kicking 2010’s butt.

As New Year’s Eve approaches, everyone is scrambling to write their highlights of 2011 posts and record their New Year’s Resolutions, which will inevitably include things like weight loss, quitting bad habits and “having new adventures”. In all my past bloggings it has been my tradition to record the moments that were less impressive or didn’t really make the blog. The random stuff that I’ve found scribbled in my diary or day planners.

So here goes!

This month my husband and I went camping in Yallingup. We booked really last minute and traipsed down there with our tent and our camping “kit” which hadn’t been used in a terribly long time. We couldn’t agree on how to put the tent up (I was right of course) and where to position it (I was right again – well in my version of the story anyhow). Then we realised after two days of showering in the grossest ablutions block ever that there was a shiny new one at the other end of the holiday park…all of that time trying not to touch the taps and become tangled in clumps of other peoples’ hair for nothing! NOTHING!

We also ate disgusting food – which always tastes better when you’re camping.

Other forgettable moments: My parents went on holiday and I had to feed the cats, I returned some library books, attended both a baby shower and a wedding and presumably did housework on the 9th…

This month the hubby and I booked the Contiki tour of Europe we never ended up going on (due to my pregnancy). I don’t know whether we were sucked in by the brochures full of happy, clean looking young people wearing brightly coloured T-shirts and the types of shorts that only tourists wear, while posing in front of the Eiffel Tower… or the perky travel agent who like totally became our Travel Expo BFF, but we were excited! My husband was going to be in Monaco on his birthday and I was going to eat my way around Italy. And France. And Germany. Basically, I was going to eat ALL OF THE FOODS IN EUROPE!

Other forgettable moments: I applied for jobs in my field that I never got, I bought potatoes and bread on the 16th, I made a sh*tload of gingerbread men and somehow I still lost weight. What the hell?

This month we were attending an engagement party for one of my closest friends (I am a bridesmaid – that’s how much we like each other)! I wanted to know if I could drink at this party or not so I took a pregnancy test that day. I guess the rest is history. Great to know that my motivation to take the test was the possibility of drinking alcohol. At least I was responsible, right? The positive test made for an interesting evening as no-one knew our secret news as we sat across the table from our openly pregnant friends and said things like, “Contraception is awesome, yeah!”
We maaaay have offended a couple of people but our secret was safe! I think we were forgiven once our own awesome news was revealed as it all made sense! Yeah, we’re douche-bags.

Other forgettable moments: I won Ke$ha tickets by accident after doing some marketing survey for a radio station (after months of making it very clear to everyone I knew that I cannot stand her music). I sold two of them for $40 each and then on the way home from dropping them off, I had to fill up my car with fuel, which cost $80. Sigh.

This month I had my first pregnancy ultrasound. I was told to drink two large glasses of water before we went to the appointment. Combine my small bladder with a bunch of nerves and you can imagine the most uncomfortable Kez ever! I have never felt the relief I felt afterwards when the lady let me pee. Oh yeah, and the relief at hearing our baby had a good heartbeat and looked strong even at such an early stage…but really, peeing afterwards was AWESOME.

Other forgettable moments: We cancelled our Contiki tour the same week that our friends left for a holiday in Europe. Sucked to be us! On the 27th I bought self raising flour and black ink for the printer. I guess I was printing out a lot of recipes that involved flour.

The hubby and I took a short holiday in Melbourne. I was excited about it because it would be the last time I would fly while pregnant. On the way home we were offered those seats by the emergency exits (the ones with lots of leg room) and I jumped at the chance. I wasn’t supposed to sit there, but the attendants didn’t notice my baby bump under my big hoodie and I figured if there was an emergency where I had to help people get off the plane, we were pretty effed anyway, so I may as well pitch in.

Other forgettable moments: There must have been many because other than the Melbourne holiday, I didn’t write a single thing in my diary that month!

This month my boobs started leaking. I was so not ready for that at 19 weeks pregnant – none of the pregnancy books warned me about that! That sh*t freaked me out so bad that I googled the hell out of that issue and then I was too scared to leave the house so my hubby had to stop at the shops and bring home nursing pads (which was just as scary for him)!

Other forgettable moments: I saw a lot of friends for lunch. It seems everyone came out of the woodwork once they found out I was “with child”. It was a yummy month, I must say!

This month was my dad’s birthday. I decided to get my craft on. I should mention that I was nesting in the craziest way at this point. I scrapbooked his and Mum’s whole Bali holiday in one evening – I think I got to bed at 1am. I was cutting up paper, sticking sh*t down and designing everything until it was perfect. I also had to resign myself to the fact that I had just scrapbooked something and enjoyed it. I was now one of THOSE people.

Other forgettable moments: We bought a new fridge – very exciting. Best part was that the light inside it actually turned on when you opened the door and this fridge was actually cold. I also tried about 50 types of creams and treatments for my damn pregnancy rash. I wrote so many things to try in my diary, my mind boggles.

In August my husband had to have wisdom teeth surgery. It was quite inconvenient as I was having a rough bout of pregnancy, but we decided he should have the surgery done earlier rather than later! When I picked him up from day surgery I found out that he had talked the nurse’s ear off about football as he came out from under the general anaesthetic. He mentioned that he was having a baby second. I think this revealed a lot about his subconscious! He was told to keep talking to a minimum but he wouldn’t shut up in the car all the way home!

While he was recovering, he would whinge about his back being sore (after surgery on his mouth – go figure) and about having a limited diet. Poor bloke got very little sympathy from his pregnant wife!

Other forgettable moments: I bought heaps of stuff for the baby’s nursery, I said no to a bunch of social events on account of feeling awful due to my rash and I booked into the hospital for whenever I was to give birth. The lady who registered me asked if I spoke English or needed a translator (despite the fact that I spoke in a clear Aussie accent and had talked to her for five minutes before she asked). I didn’t think of any good comebacks to that until afterwards, which is probably a good thing as these people were going to be responsible for my wellbeing in a few months time!

The IKEA catalogue arrived. OMFG. I got my biro out and started circling the items I wanted to my heart’s content. Then we went to IKEA. Then we found out that all the items we wanted were out of stock. Then we bought a bunch of crap from the impulse shopping racks by the check out counters and then we went home to plan the next time we’d come to IKEA to get the stuff we wanted.

Other forgettable moments: My husband did a fatigue management course for work on the 22nd. The future me would have just told him, “Have a baby.” I downloaded Nicki Minaj’s song Superbass and then regretted it.

I had my baby shower. It was amazing. I was so spoilt and all the ladies in my life who I adore turned up to my house bearing gifts! I had organised a dessert buffet with my amazing friends who run Finn + Evie (a really awesome party styling company), who went to so much effort and did it for free!! All of this before I found out I had gestational diabetes! So on the day I didn’t want to deprive my beautiful diabetes free guests of yummy cakes and biscuits so we went ahead with it! That day I ate two carrot sticks and one mini quiche. Go me!

Of course there were plenty of leftover treats and my husband got them all! He had amazing lunchbox treats and snacks for the next week! Once I almost killed him with a death glare because he casually picked up a giant cookie made to look like a blue baby jumpsuit and started to eat it while sitting Right Next To Me. He didn’t do that again. Actually he did. With a yummy looking cake pop, which is essentially cake on a stick. Which is like totally awesome. That guy really lives on the edge.

Other forgettable moments: I bought sh*tloads of baby stuff. It was mental! This whole “could have a baby any moment” stuff was beginning to get real!! Also, my inlaws got back from a trip to Europe and we saw all of their photos and I got so jealous it’s not even funny.

I was 37 weeks pregnant, having blood tests daily due to complications and having the baby’s heartbeat and movements monitored every second day at the hospital, but I was determined to get to an Arj Barker stand up comedy show in my hometown! I figured he was funny and that was good because I hadn’t been laughing much due to stress and discomfort. I wanted to be there and I figured the show venue wasn’t far from the hospital anyhow. I had my bag packed. What harm could it do? In fact, I hoped my waters would break (slowly enough to not wreck any seats or gross anyone out) while I was laughing away at some stupid joke. What a story to tell our child when he grew up!

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. However, the Little Mister was born 3 days later so I can’t complain!!! But that’s an unforgettable moment so you may have already read all about that!

Other forgettable moments: I attended my 10 year high school reunion and spent the time hanging out with the people I hang out with anyway…

Let’s just say December was CRAZY! The husband and I practically forgot about our 4 year wedding anniversary!! I did grown up things this month like drinking a babycino. In public. Those mugs are TINY!

I got peed on by our baby in public. I decorated the Christmas tree on time. We took the baby everywhere until I cried from exhaustion (he was fine).

On a serious note, I had a good year. It had its challenging moments but I’ll never forget the good stuff 🙂
Compared to last year, well let’s just say this was wonderful! Lots of joy and new beginnings instead of endings and grief. I wouldn’t take any of it back (although a smoother pregnancy would be lovely next time)! xo

So, how was YOUR year? What are you looking forward to in 2012?

PS. I don’t know why everyone’s so worried about the world ending. We’d all be together in hell anyway 😉