Taking Stock: October 2015

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Things have been a little slow on the blog lately, so I thought I’d sit down on this Friday afternoon and take stock. It’s been a big few weeks in my ‘real life’ and I like the idea of just sitting and being. And breathing. Breathing is good.

Let’s go. I am currently…

Making : sighing noises, because it’s Friday and I’m tired and Mr Unprepared is home from work soon.
Cooking : A beautiful (at least I hope it will be) chocolate cake – the famous ‘Anne’ from the fabulous Baby Mac. It’s going to have Mars Bars on top and everything. We’re taking it to the inlaws’ house tomorrow for my father in law’s birthday.
Drinking : A glass of water. I wanted wine or something else but a) I probably shouldn’t because I had a little procedure yesterday and I am a very sensible girl (sometimes) and b) I might wait until the awesome new bottle shop opens RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER TOMORROW. Exciting times. You have no idea.
Reading : The same first few lines of this blog post over and over because I keep losing my train of thought (and receiving phone calls).
Wanting : Netflix and peace and quiet.
Looking : At my grumpy dog and the seemingly pre-storm weather (which usually amounts to nothing in these parts).
Playing : Several YouTube videos of Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag segments. People are so funny, even by accident. I like funny people. I like when they share that ‘funny’ on Twitter.
Deciding : On whether to see the glass as half full or half empty. I’ve decided to just be glad I have the glass. Cryptic enough for you, huh? Haha.
Wishing : I could do the 5km Colour Run with my girlfriends tomorrow. Still sad I had to pull out. I got the race stuff sent to me and everything. Thinking I should just wear it all while I’m sitting around tomorrow – I paid for it, right?
Enjoying : The sounds of the Little Mister whining at me. Not.
Waiting : For some blogging inspiration to come.
Liking : My new veggie chopper gadget thingy. It makes everything stick/chip shaped and it is totally the key to getting the Little Mister to eat ANYTHING. Today I made him eat an apple because CHIP SHAPED pieces. He ate the WHOLE THING. I’ve also seen him eat carrot sticks. He who declared war on carrots a long time ago. BRILLIANT.
Wondering : if all my recent medical appointments are going to send us broke. Medicare only goes so far, y’all. I feel like I constantly have to make the disclaimer: I’m OK. Everything’s fine. No I am not pregnant because everyone always thinks that everyone is pregnant and the fact that I am not pregnant is actually kind of the point blah blah.
Loving : My friends. You are the bomb.
Pondering : Whether or not it will rain tonight. I kind of hope it will, only because I don’t have to be anywhere (edit: It did!).
Considering : Whether I’ll turn into my parents one day.
Buying : Tickets to see Josh Pyke next year – yippee!
Watching : Play School. 
Hoping : Mr Unprepared remembers everything I put in an sms shopping list for him to get on his way home from work and that he doesn’t eat the Mars Bars I requested for his dad’s birthday cake…
Marvelling : at how such small people can make such MASSIVE noise.
Cringing : because I just banged my ankle into a table leg. I literally just did it then. Best timing for this blog post, really.
Needing : SLEEP. And Gossip Girl. I’m up to Season 4. Go me.
Questioning : My patience levels.
Smelling : the faint aroma of chocolate cake being baked.
Wearing : My “If Britney can get through 2007, I can get through today” shirt (so fitting) and several baking ingredients.
Following : Most of the cast of Gogglebox Australia on Twitter. Because I love them and I not so secretly wish I was on the couch with them when I watch the show and we could drink cocktails and be BFFS and make hilarious witty jokes and biting one liners about high profile figures.
Noticing : The Little Mister rifling around in the pantry and telling him to get out and shut the door! Followed by a lecture on why he needs to stay out.
Knowing : That I know hardly anything about anything and that’s OK.
Thinking : As little as possible. I have reached a point where I am learning to not overthink things and just be. At least I think I am. Kind of. Well, baby steps.
Admiring : Em Rusciano because she keeps it real and she’s so funny and clever and her snapchats are awesome and I wish I had even half of her social media/stage presence!
Sorting : My life out one diary/weekly planner entry/to do list at a time.
Getting : Weird snapchats from a friend and trying to decipher them with my tiny little brain and feeling like an idiot because I know I should know what’s going on but I am a little bit zombified.
Bookmarking : Nothing. I need more time/energy for more reading!
Coveting : SO MANY THINGS for my lady cave, but I can’t get them yet because I have to empty out all the old stuff first.
Disliking : People who don’t understand feminism.
Opening : My Facebook notifications because I just can’t help it every time they pop up.
Giggling : The Little Mister is giggling at something about the cow jumping over the moon and a little dog laughing to see such fun etc. He asked me how dogs laugh and I explained they don’t really, hence the giggling.
Feeling : Crampy and a bit grumpy.
Snacking : on chocolate later. Shhhhh.
Helping : Nobody. LOL. [edit: that turned out to be a lie – I totes helped to get dinner started even though it was my night off – best wife]
Hearing : Mr Unprepared open the front door! OH YES! HE’S HOME!!!!

What are you doing right now (besides reading this)?

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  1. I read your tweet about Little Mister embracing food as long as it’s in the shape of a chip. Brilliant idea. Wish I’d thought of that when mine were little. A bottle-o around the corner! Yippee for you!


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