Taking Stock: November 2016.

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Hello, November! Is anyone else getting creeped out by how close it is to Christmas? I’m usually kind of organised, but this year the winter has dragged on so long that I haven’t felt the urge to get into it! Also, Halloween becomes bigger each progressing year here in Australia, so I feel like we kind of have to get through that hump first! I don’t know how the Americans do it! I mean, they have Thanksgiving too! Jam packed!

Anyway, every couple of months I like to ‘take stock’. Here’s what’s happening in my brain/life right now.

Making: Plans to head ‘over east’ next year! We’ve just RSVPd to a wedding in  the Hunter Valley (I’ve never been – yay!) and I’m getting excited to show the Little Mister a few iconic Sydney sights too!

Cooking: Has been surprisingly easier since I (re)started my Kez Gets Physical efforts. I still get annoyed that everyone wants dinner every night – geez haha – but with more salads and veggies on the menu, I’m enjoying a change in our habits.

Drinking: Alcohol again. See, I rarely indulge anymore. The fertility stuff is pretty all consuming and I usually try to stay pretty sober for most of my cycle because of medications and ‘just in case’ (the ‘just in case’ that never eventuates). This cycle seems like it’s been effed up from the start, so I have given myself permission to live a little before shit gets serious again. I’m loving my cider!

Reading: Hardly anything, despite my best intentions. I am part way through Amy Schumer’s Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo, but I haven’t picked it up since we got back from our camping trip Kalbarri in September! Oops! I have been flirting with the idea of getting into audio books, to get around this issue!

Wanting: To sort out my wardrobe. I’m excited that spring weather is FINALLY upon us and I can’t wait to get my winter stuff moved to the back of my wardrobe (I like to hang the out of season stuff out of sight – makes it easier to get dressed). I am excited that I’m losing some weight too, which could be dangerous because it makes me want to go clothes shopping!

Looking: At my bedroom door, waiting for the Little Mister to come bursting through it at any minute now to demand breakfast (don’t be surprised if this blog post isn’t finished until long after this moment haha).

Playing: Music in the evenings has been keeping me sane lately.

Deciding: To be positive and happy, because even though I’ve dealt with a few emotional/anxiety inducing life things lately, I feel like life’s too short to let them bring me down. There are so many good things in my life and I deserve to enjoy them.

Wishing: I could get more sleep each night. I go to bed at a reasonable hour, but Mr Unprepared keeps waking me in the early hours! God damn it! I’m tired! We all know how cranky I get when I’m tired!

Enjoying: Instagram. I was really really late to the party, creating an account for my blog (as opposed to my personal/private account), but it’s really connected me with some great bloggers/people/small businesses/events! It’s fun!

Waiting: For all the Melbourne Cup posts on social media today. I could not be less into it lately! I love the fashion, but I’m not into horses and I don’t like gambling (apart from the occasional lotto ticket) so I’d feel like a hypocrite if I got too excited about it one day a year!

Liking: My social plans for November so far.

Wondering: If I’ll be productive today or lazy? I could do with both haha.

Loving: My husband. He’s been pretty awesome lately (ha – lately). I’m very grateful.

Pondering: On all the sentimental stuff that runs through my head around the time of the Little Mister’s birthday. He’s turning 5 in a few days – OMG!

Considering: My work options for next year. With the Little Mister in full time school, I’m wondering if I can find some more ways to bring a little extra moolah in.

Buying: A ripped denim skirt (HAS to be ripped) and an insulated bag for the Little Mister’s lunchbox. Online. Because summer is coming. It thrills me. Shut up.

Watching: X Factor. I KNOW. I can’t help it. I know I’m the only (grown/self respecting) person in the world who is thinking about this, but I think that Brentwood duo should try singing GroupLove’s Welcome To Your Life. I also think that the Amalia girl should sing Evanescence stuff for the inevitable ‘rock’ week. I am getting way too many opinions for someone who says they don’t really care about it. Yes, I’m concerned about me too. 

Hoping: The Little Mister keeps playing quietly/happily today!

Marvelling: At all the pics of everyone’s Halloween outfits from yesterday/last weekend. While I am yet to partake in any of that stuff (and can even be a tad very grinchy about it), I do admire a creative fancy dress situation.

Cringing: At the fact that my face looks old, tired and dry today. I really need to put some more effort into looking after it. It’s my money maker! Bahaha. Kidding about the money maker bit. Obviously.

Needing: To get to a vet appointment for my dog that I totally forgot about – oh shit! Is what I would have written if I’d had time when that just happened haha. I’m glad that Past Kez went on a calendar organising spree or I’d never have got there!

Questioning: Why I ever showed the Little Mister the show Full House. Because now he is fucking obsessed!

Smelling: Sunscreen as we just got back from a walk to the shops.

Wearing: Active-wear. Because walk to the shops.

Following: A bunch of great bloggers who don’t troll people on the internet.

Noticing: That my neck is sore because last night I fell into a coma like state, sleeping very deeply in an awkward position.

Knowing: That being myself is my biggest asset is incredibly reassuring. It’s a  work in progress, but I love how my confidence grows the older I get.

Thinking: I’m glad I took that walk to the shops. I feel so much better for it.

Admiring: One of my friends who kicks arse in Fitbit step challenges consistently. Goals!

Sorting: Out my life. Bit by bit. So just the usual haha.

Getting: Excited to celebrate the Little Mister’s birthday this weekend.

Bookmarking: All the videos I find in my Facebook feed, that I can’t watch around the Little Mister!

Coveting: A nice big desk top computer for when my office is sorted (it has taken FOREVER). Sure, I won’t be able to afford one, for like, forever. But I shall get there! At the very least, my kid being at school will make an awesome excuse eventually haha.

Disliking: The fact that my office isn’t sorted out. All I need is nice carpet and then it’s practically done and I can just move everything back in and make it pretty!

Opening: My eyes in the morning is a struggle, but somehow I still manage to peek at my iPhone with one of them anyway! #addicted

Giggling: When I reminisce on a ridiculous conversation I had with my girlfriends over dinner a couple of weeks ago. We were cry-laughing and it was SO GOOD.

Feeling: Tired but content.

Snacking: Nope. Haha. Occasionally, you might see me scoffing down a square of Pana Chocolate (it’s amazing), but I am trying really hard to stay focused on eating well and not indulging in unhealthy ‘treats’.

Helping: Is something the Little Mister tries to do all most of the time and I love him so much for it.

Hearing: The Little Mister coughing. WHERE DID HE GET THIS COUGH. Winter is over! Fuck off, germs!

So, if you made it to the end of that, you deserve a medal!

What have you been up to lately? 

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